Zimbabwe and Bible School News

By Anton Bosch


Zimbabwe and Bible School NewsThank you very much to each one who has supported us with prayer, financial support and in many other ways. May the Lord of the Harvest richly reward and bless you.


We now have about 80 students in the three centers. A few are still completing courses on the old system, but the majority has transitioned to the new coursework. The leaders in Zimbabwe are hoping to have 100 students by the end of this year. Our first student in South Africa has also begun work and we are praying for many more students in South Africa as well as in America. Please pass our information on to anyone who wants to do the course. It is a lot of work, but we really believe that it is one of the best available.

New Centers

The material has been designed in such a way that local churches who want to run their own Bible Schools will be able to do so very easily. All the local church has to do is administer the courses, copy or print the material, mark the assignments and present some of the modules in the form of regular classes. Every other detail has been taken care of in the design of the system and the curriculum. We have had several inquiries from various parts of Africa as well as the USA. But we have not yet concluded an agreement with any one. So we are looking forward with anticipation for the first school outside Zimbabwe to being established soon.


Writing the study guides is an enormous task but the Lord is blessing the work and we are making good but slow progress. The completed course will contain 50 modules. Thus far we have completed seven modules with another six in various stages of completion. Please pray for those who are laboring in this important task that they may have clear thoughts and be anointed for the work.


A very basic website has been created which contains most of the information a prospective student needs. Please visit the site at www.tcsa-zim.org.


We have been looking at innovative ways of overcoming the many challenges that students in Zimbabwe face. Charlotte Stucki visited Zimbabwe during September and was able to take two laptops which are being used by faculty and students. Char was also able to take a bunch of memory sticks (flash drives), MP3 players and CDs. The memory sticks contain a Bible program (The Word) that runs off the memory stick without installing on the computer. This enables students to run their own Bible program on a borrowed computer or at an internet café. This is a powerful blessing in the absence of any books. A lot of the course material is delivered by means of MP3 lectures. So, the MP3 players allow the students to listen to the teaching. The CDs contain more Bible programs as well as lectures on MP3.

Books and Concordances

Our friends at Berean Call helped us to ship 54 Concordances and 225 books (Building Blocks of the Church) that were donated by various folk in the US. The books have arrived in Johannesburg but the shipping and customs was much more than we expected. We would be grateful for any donations that would help us cover the cost of shipping these valuable resources. However the bigger problem is moving them from Johannesburg to Bulawayo. We need a volunteer from South Africa who would be willing to drive through to Bulawayo with the books and concordances. Please pray about this if you want to get involved with the ministry and are willing to give your time and petrol to help with this important task.

Pastor’s Wives Seminars

Jewel Grewe and Char Stucki traveled all around Zimbabwe during September running Pastor’s Wives Seminars in all the main towns and cities. This was done as an extension of the School and we are grateful for these two sisters who both made huge sacrifices to undertake this important mission. Char traveled from her home church in Michigan to help Jewel with this task.

The Future

David and Jewel’s time in Zimbabwe is almost over and they are preparing for their return to the US in November. We are very grateful for the great work they have done during their year in Zimbabwe. Please pray that the work will continue in their absence. A couple of brothers have begun to make preliminary plans for a visit to Zimbabwe in February 2012. We need much prayer for the many challenges that need to be overcome to make these trips. Also please pray for wisdom that we may tackle these missions as effectively as possible – given the restraints of time and funds.


I am very happy to answer any questions you may have about this work. Please feel free to contact me.