Literature Evangelism to Africa

Newsletter September 2011

We have had quite a few visitors from around the world over the past few months. I love the stunned response that most display once we show and explain the work and ministry of Emmanuel Press. For those of us who have been aware of it for awhile, it is a wonderful reminder of the great impact it is having on so many people. Like many routine things in life we often take so much for granted - hence the saying ‘familiarity breeds contempt’. One set of ‘new eyes’ came from Canadian evangelist Marie Miller who recently completed a first visit to us. Her newsletter to supporters back in Canada follows:

Hello friends!

Today we spent the day touring some of the spectacular sights of South Africa: waterfalls, canyons and God’s Window (mountainous ranges)! This followed after yesterday seeing a huge variety of animals in the Kruger National Park.

I must tell you a story that happened today at one of the gates. After knowing Dean & Wendy Skinner for so many years, I must confess that I did not really know the far reaching work of Emmanuel Press, still faithfully in existence since 1928. Emmanuel Press prints Biblical Tracts into 14 languages which are freely distributed throughout Africa. They send out over one million per year. But in recent years they focus primarily on the extra component of a basic 14 lesson Discipleship Course by correspondence, free for anyone who wants to understand ‘salvation’. Followed by that is a 2nd lesson outlining the plan, purpose and promises of Christ. Their students recruit other friends and family and they rejoice at the prospect of getting a free biblical education and most of all – a certificate!

Such is the story of John, this brilliant young man who we met at the gate! John is a security guard who works nights in a small booth at the gate of homes, protecting foreigners from the now increasing crimes in South Africa. He (and hundreds of others) sit in tiny unheated booths all night (low 5 degrees this week) and wait patiently for morning. Wendy has developed a new concept for reaching these young men – she convinces them wherever she meets them to take Emmanuel Press’ FREE correspondence discipleship course and work on it during the long boring cold nights. It’s a hit! They love it and they engage their co-workers in doing the same.

John was waiting with anticipation ‘at the gate’ for Wendy to come through on her usual run. Today, he received his certificate for completing the course and was overjoyed. “When does the next course begin? I told my co-worker he must take the course.” Honestly, John was the warmest and happiest young man I have seen in all of South Africa!

I trust you will humor me as I take a moment to point out something we have moved so far from in this decade - the power and impact of a simple printed tract or a basic discipleship teaching plan given freely to those who want to meet and understand Christ. I am so glad I met John at that gate and saw for myself, the value of using the printed page to reach millions around the world who may not be able to walk through the doors of the church – regularly or irregularly!

Dean and Wendy – thanks for the experience!

Blessings to all, Pastor Marie 

There are a lot more stories like this one that has been related by Marie Miller that we would like to share with you. We recently created a Facebook page for Emmanuel Press (South Africa). Each day we add a testimony, or a picture or a praise item so that we can share with you the encouraging results we are seeing from all across Africa. We invite you to go to our page and click the ‘like’ button; by doing this you will receive regular updates from our ministry on your ‘news feed’ page.

Thank you for your continued prayer and financial support – it is bearing fruit that will remain!

Dean Skinner
Executive Director

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