The Cleansing Light

It's early morning, and I stumble a bit on my way to open the curtains. Brilliant sunlight greets me as I open the blinds. Golden warmth transforms the gloomy room, banishing its dimness. I revel in the beauty and comfort. My coffee tastes much richer as I snuggle into the recliner, enjoying the caress of sunbeams on my aching muscles. What could be better than this? 

I look around and take pleasure in the gifts and curios from friends and family, but something is different. The brightness illuminates beauty but also shows how long it's been since I last dusted. Ouch!  And I don't even want to discuss the windows!

It has rained a lot recently, with days of dark skies. I hadn't noticed how grimy things looked. Dusty cobwebs hung in corners, and everything needed a good wipe-down. I had let it go because I didn't see it. It took the dazzling sunlight to point out all the places that needed cleaning.

I roused myself from the comfort of the chair and went in search of a dust cloth and spray cleaner. As I worked, I was reminded how my sinful dirt shows up when I get close to the light of God's Word.

Reading and meditating on Bible verses is always refreshing. My sin is identified by the Scriptures and washed away when I ask for forgiveness.

It's easy to get caught up in the hectic pace of everyday life. There is very little quiet time.

That's when disorder comes. The obvious and urgent is dealt with but much is shoved aside. It grows and I become filthier.

I don't notice the accumulation of spiritual dust and debris, such as resentment, bitterness, gossip, evil thoughts, criticism, and other sinful clutter.

Pretty soon, I'm a mess. I have a decision to make. Do I wallow in the mess or do I go to the cleansing light of God's Word?  When I choose the Bible, I begin actively removing the grime. I ask the Lord to show me my sin and He does; I guarantee it. However, the wonderful thing is that He doesn't just show me my failures; He offers forgiveness and cleansing. 

Just as dust and clutter are never removed from a room by turning out the lights or closing the curtains, sin cannot be cleansed unless it is dealt with when exposed. The only way to eradicate sin is to clean it up.

With infinite love, God shines His light on the broken, torn, and neglected areas of my life. He reassures me that He doesn't condemn me. The Lord only wants to show me the destructive buildup of sin. All He asks is that I come to Him and allow Him to purify me so I may live in His light through His cleansing.