Just Let Go!

"Let go of it, Jenna, and give it to me, please," the mother reached out to take the filthy doll from her daughter's arms.

"No! It's mine. I found it in front of our house. You can't have it!"

"Jenna, the doll fell out of our neighbor's trash can. Dirty rags, smelly cans and week-old food scraps were on top of it. The doll is full of germs. It will make you sick."

"I don't care. I found it, and now it's my favorite thing in the whole world." The preschooler kissed the doll's matted, stringy hair.

"But, sweetheart, it's full of germs."

"I don't see any germs."

"Honey, germs are too tiny to see without a microscope, but they'll make you sick. Remember those painful sores Grandpa had on his arm last month? Germs caused those terrible sores. I'll get you a pretty new doll that won't make you sick."

"But I want this one. Please don't take it away from me! You can have my stuffed lion instead."

"Honey, I know that letting go of something you like is hard. But if you'll trust me, I promise I'll get you another doll that you'll like even more. I love you and want only the best for you."

"If you love me, then you'll let me keep this doll at least until you get me the new one."

Sometimes God asks His children to give up something that appears to be good: a job, an ambition, a hobby, a habit or a relationship.

We do not understand why we must give up a seemingly good thing. After all, it is not hurting anyone else and we enjoy it. We know that God wants what is best for us, but surrendering it makes no sense, especially if He has not already given us a replacement for it. We may even try to bargain with Him.

"I will give up this habit as soon as I find something else to take its place."

"If You let me keep this job, I will give more money in the offering, volunteer my time to help in children's church and sacrifice something else that I enjoy."

"I have invested a lot of my time and resources in this relationship. I will eventually give it up, but I need to do it gradually."

"I know my hobby has become an obsession and takes all my free time and half of my income, but at least it doesn't hurt anyone. I'll sacrifice an extra night each week to go to church and pray."

Although letting go can be painful, God sees inherent dangers that we cannot see. He knows how a current relationship will affect us in the future. He also wants to draw us closer to himself and display His glory through our lives. God is a loving Father and He may have something even better that He wants to give us, but first we must let go of what we have and reach out to Him.


© by Nancy A. Stevens