From Goo to Zoo to You

Our public schools teach children that, once upon a time, billions of years ago, there was a BIG Bang which led to the formation of a big rock, billions of years later. Then rain fell on this rock for millions of years, forming gooey pond scum from which life somehow arose.

Of course, none of this tale was observed.

Meanwhile, real science, which is based on the observation of evidence, has led to the Law of Biogenesis which holds that life only comes from life. In other words, a wet, sterile rock could not produce living systems no matter how time was to pass or how much goo had accumulated.

One college course designed to attack me and biblical creation employs the book, Evolution Vs Creationism. This was written by Eugenie Scott, atheist and president of the National Center For Science Education. On page 26 I found her explanation of how life began without God: “…the origin of life was not a sudden event but a continuum of events …with a lot of iffy stuff in the middle.”

The iffy stuff? 

Other Darwiniacs, in their zeal to defend their struggling religious belief, shift the problem to where it cannot be scientifically observed; suggesting life began elsewhere and was dropped off on earth by aliens or meteors.


What Darwinists are in essence admitting is there is no way life began without God.

Due to this dilemma, Darwinian-biased biology separates the origin of life, referred to as chemical evolution, from discussions of Darwinism. Their religious adherence to Naturalism leaves them no choice but to believe in that which is in direct conflict with scientific law. Real science is a Believers true friend.

I recently visited the San Diego Zoo and the wide variety of animals is amazing. Even more amazing is the idea that such incredible life forms came about by random mutations over billions of years of time.

Pure Darwinism failed due to its inability to provide a mechanism that could add new and beneficial genetic data to existing gene pools. Thus Darwinists invented Neo-Darwinism. This belief holds that mutations add new and beneficial data that gradually lead to Darwinian change.

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