Carbon Dating: A Believer’s true friend

1 Timothy 6:20-21 "…avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called: Which some professing have erred concerning the faith."

God’s Word tells us to avoid false knowledge, false science.

As I often say, real science is a Believer’s true friend, but we must be wise and discern between true science and false knowledge masquerading as science.

Carbon dating is the best known of the isotope dating methods. The perception, fueled by our secular society, is that this technique provides iron-clad proof the earth is millions of years old. So let us take a look at the facts.

The Carbon Dating method measures the amount of Carbon-14 (14-C) in organic (plant and animal) remains. 14-C is produced in the atmosphere and during the process of photosynthesis plants take in CO2, which contains tiny amounts of 14-C. Animals ingest 14-C when they eat or breathe. However, once a plant or animal dies it stops taking in 14-C which gradually decays away. Because today’s rate of decay has been established the less 14-C in an item the older it will date.

While this sounds straightforward, unobserved assumptions corrupt the integrity of carbon dating results.

For example, technicians must assume today’s rate of 14-C production is equal to past production rates. However, earth’s magnetic field has weakened by 6% since the 1850’s. This means the magnetic field used to be stronger which would have reduced the production of 14-C. As a result, plants and animals that lived 800 years ago would have had a lower percentage of 14-C in them than plants or animals that lived 100 years ago. Thus remains date substantially older than they really are.

The few scientists who work with Carbon Dating generally agree measurable amounts of C-14 decay away less than 100,000 years. Yet 14-C has been discovered in diamonds, oil, natural gas and coal which secularists claim are millions of years old.

More revealing is that tests have found all fossil-bearing strata layers, which secularists claim are up to 570 million years old, not only contain C-14, but in the same range of amounts from the top strata to the lowest layer! This indicates these layers formed recently and during the same event!

To excuse these facts, secularists claim the materials were contaminated with 14-C.

This is an incredulous claim in light of the fact that radiometric dating results depend on the assumption that contamination never occurred!

The public is kept in the dark about the unreliability of the radiometric dating techniques. As a result most people think they are accurate when, in fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

The biblical view is that the global flood laid down the earth’s sedimentary layers of rock, including all the things those layers contain, during the global flood a few thousand years ago. Thus we should find 14-C, in the same range of amounts, throughout the water-borne sediments.

Carbon Dating provides great support for the biblical worldview.

These excerpts come from Russ Miller’s book, It’s About Time: How To Believe God’s Word In A Secular World.  Visit www.CreationMinistries.Org for more information.