Bill Nye the Anti-Creator Guy

Comments on the anti-biblical creation, Bill Nye video:

By Russ Miller of CreationMinistries.Org

Bill Nye (the Science Guy) is a perfect example of the radical anti-Christian, pro-Darwinism crowd that has undermined today’s educational, media and scientific establishments.

Confusing the religious beliefs of millions of years and Darwinism for science, they force researchers to interpret all findings through their worldview or face economic and career persecution. In this video, Nye tries to coerce others into following his belief or face name-calling and belittling.

In the video, Nye stated creation is 'bad for kids" and is "hurting America's future."

So what do the observable facts reveal?

We kicked creation & prayer from our schools in 1963. Prior to ‘63 our schools were the highest rated in the world.

Today our schools rate in the bottom 10%.

In 1962 chewing gum in class was a big problem.

Today the issues include mass shootings; gang rape; drug & alcohol abuse, abortions, etc.

I could go on for an hour on this issue and cover much of the fruit coming from the tree of old-earth beliefs in my teaching, The Evil Fruit of Old-Earth Beliefs:

Nye stated biblical creation goes against all observations.

I must assume he has never heard of the Law of Biogenesis, the 1st & 2nd Laws of Thermodynamics; Gene Depletion, the observable fossil record....again, I could go on for hours and cover much of the errors employed by Darwinists in my teaching and DVD, 50 Facts versus Darwinism in the Textbooks:

Nye is either ignorant of the difference between observational science & historical science or he is a deliberate liar.

Professing to be wise, he appears to have become a fool. I cover the age-of-the-earth in my teaching and DVD, An Old Earth or A Global Flood:

In reality, Bill Nye is just another Propaganda Guy: real science is a Believers best friend.

© 2012 Russ Miller