Results of Millions of Years Creation Belief

10 Results from a Belief in “Millions of Years” :
The great majority of Christians who accept old earth ages have never given much
thought to what this belief entails. To cause all of us to reflect upon this belief,
I have compiled the following (partial) list of the ramifications of such compromise.

For a person to accept the old earth philosophies they:

1] reject Col 2:8 (avoid man’s vain philosophies}
a) trust in the slow, uniform accumulation of the fossil bearing strata layers.
(Uniformity is prophesied in 2 Peter 3:3-6).
b) trust that death existed prior to man.

2] reject that “In the beginning God created” (Genesis 1:1).
a) reject the 6 day creation given to us by Moses in Genesis.
b) reject Exodus 20:11 (For in six days God made the heavens, earth, seas…).

3] reject Moses’ account of Noah’s Ark.
a) reject Jesus’ claim that Noah’s ark is a historical fact (Matthew 24:38).

4] reject Moses’ account of the Global flood (which formed the fossil filled strata).
a) reject Jesus’ claim that the global flood is a historical fact (Matthew 24:38-39).
b) reject that man’s sin brought death into God’s perfect creation (Romans 5:12).
c) reject that at the end of day 6 God called His creation very good (Genesis 1:31).
d) reject that death is an enemy to God’s creation (Corinthians 15:26).
e] reject God’s rainbow covenant (Genesis 9:11-13)

5] reject the genealogies given to us by Moses, I Chronicles & Luke.
a) reject Jesus’ claim that man was made in the beginning (Mark 10:6).
b) reject 1 Timothy 1:4 (don’t give heed to endless genealogies).

6] reject Jesus’ words about the importance of believing Moses (John 5:46-47).
a) reject Jesus’ sovereignty (Jesus refers to Genesis 25 times).

7] reject that all Scripture was given by the inspiration of God
a) reject the Godly inspiration of every writer of the New Testament as each refers to
Genesis (Genesis is referred to 200+ times in the New Testament).
b) reject the Godly inspiration of all Old Testament authors who refer to Genesis.

8] reject Jesus’ words about us living by every Word of God.
a) reject Jesus’ words on telling good from bad by the fruits
(billions have rejected Jesus due to their belief in long ages).

9] reject I Thessalonians 5:21, Prove all things hold fast that which is good
a) reject the overwhelming scientific information supporting the recent creation.
b) reject “ “ “ data supporting our Intelligent Biblical Designer.

10] reject the foundations of Christianity (Psalm 11 ).

God created us in his image; then man’s original sin separated us from God and
allowed death to enter God’s perfect creation; this required Jesus’ death on the cross
so, by accepting His sacrifice, we can be reunited with God).
And this is just the start! The Bible tells us that if we BELIEVE in Him (the Jesus of
Scripture) and submit our lives to Him as our Lord and Savior, through grace by faith we
will spend eternity with Him in heaven. If “millions of years” have you doubting the
plain reading of the Bible, please see the CESM seminars or view the CESM DVDs.