Darwinism's Foundational Predictions

In a recent Letter to the Editor, the writer laments:


"It takes no more faith to believe in this (big bang/Darwinism) than it takes to believe in a Creator." 

I agree that each is a religious belief and neither should be taught as science. However, real science--knowledge derived from the study of evidence--should support a belief if it is true.

Naturalistic Darwinism provides the philosophical foundation for Secular Humanism, which is basically materialistic atheism. Since public schools teach that Darwinism is science we need to look at the actual facts. A true scientific hypothesis must make testable predictions and it must be found to be wrong if its predictions turn out to be inaccurate.  Let's take a look at the predictions and refutability of Darwinism.

Prediction Number One:

Darwinism predicts that biology will find organisms adding new and beneficial genetic information to their DNA. However, real science has never discovered a single method by which nature can add such data to an existing gene pool.  

Although secularists have been teaching Neo-Darwinism, that mutations add the new and beneficial genetic information which leads to Darwinian-style change, millions of scientific tests prove that mutations do not add such data and are usually genetically weaker than the parent form. Darwinism fails this key criterion.

Prediction Number Two:

Darwinism predicts that geology will find the fossil record filled with millions of transitional kinds of plants and animals. However, the fossil record is an embarrassment to Darwinists.  All higher kinds of plants and animals appear abruptly in the fossil record with zero transitional types linking one group to another.  The only fossils presented as candidates for links have been proven to be frauds (the letter writer claimed the long-refuted Ambulocetus).  Again, Darwinism fails its own key criterion.

So why has not Darwinism been refuted? 

Humanists argue that unless every conceivable possibility to support naturalism can be proven impossible, such as aliens may have dropped us off, that only their philosophy can be considered.  Humanists force all opposing views to prove a negative, which is impossible. This makes Darwinism a non-refutable religious dogma, not science.

Sadly, despite the fact that Darwinism goes against multiple scientific laws and principles, and despite the fact that not a shred of evidence exists that Darwinian-style change has ever taken place, only the secular interpretations are shown to students today. This is indoctrination, not education.   

The Bible predicts that one kind of plant or animal will bring forth after its kind, and this is exactly what science finds. Dogs bring forth dogs and finches bring forth finches.  Variation only occurs within the same kind and millions of examples of kinds bringing forth after their kind are found. Real science and God's Word go hand-in-hand because God's Word is true, Word for Word and cover to cover.

Sincerely, Russ Miller
Founder of Creation, Evolution & Science Ministries
Flagstaff, AZ