Evidence of Intelligent Biblical Design

The wonderfully incredible design and complexity found in the human body does indeed proclaim Intelligent Biblical Design, or IBD.
From our three-pound personal computer, to our ability to see, hear, feel, taste and smell we are certainly fearfully made.
Allow me to briefly describe one of the many extraordinary examples of IBD found inside of us: our miraculous immune system.
As you read this article, microscopic foreign invaders, in the form of harmful bacteria and viruses, are trying to devour and destroy you. However, God made us with an a defence system which prevents the attackers from accomplishing their devious endeavour and mankind's time on planet earth would have been brief indeed had this amazing system not been functional from the beginning,.
Our Intelligent Biblical Designer created our immune system with billions of specific antibodies, proteins and production cells. These are all located in the bone marrow found inside of our skeletal system.
Amazingly, each antibody was designed to destroy only one specific type of bacterial or viral invader. Also, only one production cell was made to produce that one specific antibody. Because of this the antibody always remains attached to its production cell. Otherwise they would become separated and lost to each other among the roughly 70 trillion cells which comprise the human body.
Whenever the specific virus or bacteria shows up which a particular antibody was designed to attack, the antibody must first identify the invader. Once the identification is made, the antibody must then get a message to its production cell to mass produce its type of antibody.
To get the message to the production facility the antibody attaches a piece of the invader to a protein molecule which attaches itself to a helper cell which gets the message to the production cell to begin mass production. The cell then makes and releases its antibody in the form of specialized plasma cells which are not attached to the production cell. This allows them to travel throughout your body via the circulatory system to hunt down and destroy the trespasser.
I find it rather difficult to believe this system evolved from a rock. Especially since the immune system exhibits 'Irreducible Complexity'. That is, the system had to be complete and in place the first time a specific invader showed up or the attacker would have succeeded in killing us.
Our immune system also shows 'Specified Complexity'. That is, it was clearly designed to perform a specific operation and the only known mechanism for causing various parts to assemble and work together in a complex system is intentional design.
The system which allows my laptop computer to operate was designed by human engineers (Intelligent Human Design). The wonderful design and complexity found in our immune system proclaims IBD and should be used to glorify our Intelligent Biblical Designer.
Yes indeed, I will praise God; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
Russ is Founder of Creation, Evolution & Science Ministries. His 17-session DVD Study Series and more can be found at www.CreationMinistries.org.