What are some words of instructions just for mothers?

In our day and time, family has come under substantial attack. The answer to the problem facing our families is not found in government intervention, but godly intervention at home.

As the moral fabric of our existence unravels, it should come as no surprise that the family unit as we once knew it is disintegrating. The greatest fear our children face is the fear of abandonment. Children have an innate need to know that Mom and Dad will be there regardless of the circumstances.

Many would look at the life of someone like Hannah (1 Samuel 1-2) and say she is completely out of touch with reality, when in truth, she is very much in step with the right values and principles attributed to a lifestyle of strong and lasting character.

She was a mother who loved and cared for the needs of her son.

The most crucial period of mental growth is between one and three years of age. During this time, children form many of the belief patterns that stay with them for the rest of their lives. If they feel love, acceptance, and security, they will grow up with a more stable outlook. Most of us realize that a healthy self-esteem is not formed overnight. It requires the right kind of building materials in order to withstand the emotional ups and downs of life. Parental devotion is hard to replace.

Another element in becoming the right kind of mother is commitment. Hannah was totally committed to God first and then to her family. Children sense levels of commitment. While they may have a difficult time expressing exactly what they feel, they know when a parent or loved one is more interested in work or social involvement than in them.

The pressures surrounding Hannah were just as great as they are for us, but she refused to lay aside her commitment as a wife and mother.

In the end, God rewarded her obedience and faithfulness with a godly son. A godly mother is something a child will always regard with the greatest esteem.

Surely single parents have a special place in God's heart. He knows they are torn between supporting the family financially and making sure their children do not suffer emotionally. Many are surprised at the various ways God answers their prayers by providing quality time alone with their children. The Lord is able to take small, loving moments and stretch them into meaningful times for your children.

Even if you feel you have failed in the past, God will open doors of communication between you and your children. Be committed to accepting them and loving them the way God loves you, which is unconditionally and not based on works. Avoid criticizing them and pointing out weaknesses. Instead, encourage them in areas where they show strength and interest.

Even if it appears they are off in a different direction than what you desire, continue to pray for them. God loves your children much more than you do, and you can trust Him to watch over them with the greatest of care.

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