Revival: 7. Barriers to Revival! - Part 2



Barriers to Revival! - Part 2

It is my delightful joy to continue preaching to you this series of messages about Revival.

The title of my message today is, “Barriers to Revival!” (Part 2)

My scripture reading is from Mark 9:14-29, but I am only going to read verse 29, and it says, “Jesus replied, This kind can come out only by prayer.”


In our text we see that Jesus is preparing to meet with his disciples and to teach them. When he approached them He found that there was a huge crowd gathered and arguing with His disciples. Jesus said, “What’s all the argument about?” One man said, “Teacher, I brought my son for you to heal; he can’t talk, because he is possessed by a demon.” He went on to say, “I begged for your disciples to cast out the demon. And these next few words are some of the most disappointing words in all of the New Testament….Verse 18 says, “And they could not.”

My friends, it’s a sad day for the church when we are unable spiritually to do what God wants us to do. If we are not living as we should and there is sin in your heart, we will become a “Barrier” to God’s blessings. In part 1 of this message, I mentioned several ‘Barriers’ to revival. But let us look at this again… “Barriers to Revival” Part 2.


If the disciples were men of faithful prayer, then they would have been able to cast out the demon.  But, verse 18 says, “And they could not.” Ask any preacher of old and of modern times and they will tell you that a mighty revival comes after an intense season of prayer. James 4:2 says, “You have not because you ask not.” James is telling us that God wants to send a revival to any church or people,  but we choke the channels of blessings when we neglect to pray. Jesus stated in our text that, “This kind can come out only by prayer.” Mark 9:29 Revival will come by prayer and prayer alone.


I have already stated that we as Christians need the Spirit of Christ. You may be saying, “What is the Spirit of Christ like?” Luke 23:24 says, “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.” You may be saying, “He or she hurt me…or, pastor I’ve been hurt…they said unkind things about me.” Church, it’s time to forgive and have REVIVAL! Just remember that you are hindering someone from a blessing from God if you have an unforgiving spirit. Has someone done you wrong? Has someone said something negative about you? I challenge you to forgive it…forget it… and have revival!


When one studies the Word, you will see that many of the crowds that followed Jesus were very critical. The children of Israel were also very critical. A learned man said to a preacher one day, “Pastor, you made 38 grammatical errors in your sermon.” You see the person that looks for mistakes will never get blessed and will never be a blessing to others. There was a sign on the outside of a store one time that stated, “Come in without knocking and please go out the same way.” A critical spirit is indeed a Barrier to Revival.


Look at King Saul. He was chosen by the Lord for a mighty work. He had a great future as the leader of God’s people. But there came a time when King Saul disobeyed the voice of God. And God was forced to say to him, “Since you have disobeyed Me, I must take the kingdom from you and give it to another.” Now, contrast King Saul to the Apostle Paul. Paul said, “What would you have me to do?”

Paul was not disobedient to the heavenly vision that God gave to him. Paul even tells us in the Word, “I was not disobedient.” Acts 26:19 King Saul was disobedient and cut off the blessings of God. The Apostle Paul was obedient and the blessings of God flowed to him and others. In obedience there is a blessing for you and for others around you. In your disobedience you erect a ‘Barrier’ and cut off the blessings that will come to you and others.


Search your heart and see if any of these wrong spirits are within you:

  1. A Sinful Spirit
  2. A Rebellious Spirit
  3. A Worldly Spirit
  4. A Prayerless Spirit
  5. An Unforgiving Spirit
  6. A Critical Spirit
  7. A Disobedient Spirit

If you know in your heart that you have one of these wrong spirits within your heart, I encourage you to give it to Jesus. Wrong spirits are only hurting you and will block the flow of God’s blessings and REVIVAL. I want to be blessed of God…how about you?


Father, I pray for everyone listening to this message today. I pray that You would forgive them of their sins and that they would live for You and believe You for revival. I ask this for personal revival in their life in Jesus name, Amen.

I close by saying this; I encourage you to accept Jesus as the Lord of you life today and live for Him.  God Bless!


  1. What can I do to change?
  2. God will bring change and am I willing to change?
  3. How can I be more obedient to God in my personal life?
  4. We are a part of God’s glorious and universal church…what can I do to be more of a blessing to it?
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