Practical Discipleship - Psalm 15

Two Questions.

Verse 1. Abide (temporary, Heb. 'goor' to turn aside) in Thy tent. = Our Earthly Body.

Dwell (permanent, Heb. 'shaw-kan' residence) in Sacred Heights = Heaven.

(Note: In the Arabic jâm ‛lllh is “one under the protection of God, dwelling as it were in the fortress of God” vid., Fleischer's Samachschari, S. 1, Anm. 1.)

John Wesley translates "Psa 15:1 Who - Who shall so dwell in thy church here, as to dwell with thee for ever in heaven?"

Ten Answers.

Who is qualified to Walk with Jesus in this life and the Next?

  1. He that walks Uprightly.  - הולך תמים  holech tamim, sets God before his eyes.
  2. Who works righteousness.  פעל צדק  poel tsedek, he has duties to perform.
  3. Speaks truth in his heart. Hypocrisy, guile, and deceit, have no place in his soul.
  4. Does not back-bite. - לא רגל על לשנו  lo ragal al leshono, “he does not use his tongue to kick people.”
  5. Does not do wrong nor slander against his Neighbour - actions that strip them of their possesions or reputation.
  6. Rejects a crooked (reprobate) person - judges by their conduct. נבזה nibzeh, unclean like a leper.
  7. Honors those who fear the Lord - Character not Circumstances count here.
  8. Who keeps his promises whatever the cost - “He sweareth to afflict himself, and does not change;” and thus the Chaldee has rendered this clause. cf. Matt. 14:9
  9. Does not charge exorbitant interest on loans - The word נשך  neshech, which we translate usury, comes from nashach, to bite as a serpent;" Taking advantage of a distressed person is implied.
  10. Does not take a bribe to condemn the innocent - The taking of bribes is  expressly forbidden in the Scriptures. See Exo_23:8

All the above are actions, not mere beliefs. The Psalmist closes by saying: He that doeth these things shall never be moved. — Such persons admitted to God’s presence and favor shall never be moved (Psa10:6; Psa13:5).

Permission is granted to use this outline for preaching, with any modifications you desire.

© Jim Cole-Rous 2012.