Driven by a Dream

The Road Builder who put God First! Le Tourneau started out with $20 and worked with it to become  a Multimillionaire.

Scripture: Gen. 37:5, Acts 23:11

3 men stand out in my Bible, as men driven by a Dream.

Joseph                        David                             Paul
Dreamer                     Warrior                           Theologian
Bones/ Promised land  Temple to meet God        God's Presence in Heaven
Gen. 50:25.                1 Chron. 22:7.                 Phil. 1:21 & 23.

5 Principles of Men Driven by a Dream.

1) Your Origins cannot limit your Dream.

Slavery in Egypt
Youngest Brother in the sheepfold
Fanatical religionist and Murderer

2) Troubles do not negate Triumphs.

Joseph was falsely accused
David's life was sought
Paul was shunned by the Church he came to lead.

3) They found God's Plan for their life.

God has a divine destiny for every life,
Joseph became Prime Minister but not a King
David became a King but not a Preacher
Paul became a Preacher but not a Prime Minister.

4) Each of them stayed the Course.

They kept the faith and trusted God to the end. (1 Tim. 4:7. Paul)
They endured hardships along the way. (1 Sam. 24:12. David)
They knew that God's plan sometimes takes years to mature. (Gen. 50:20 Joseph)

5) Success did not alter their Ambition.

"Adversity tests Character, Success tests Integrity" - David Exeley. Author.
Paul was a "this one thing I do" person
David could not build the Temple, but he planned for it. (1 Chron. 22:5, 8.)
Joseph could not enter the ‘Promised Land' but he sent his bones (Gen. 50:25.)

What is your Dream?   Do you have one?
Is it worthwhile?    Eternal?   Is it a ‘God's Plan' dream?

C. T. Studd and his Brother.

C. T. Studd was a famous China Missionary. He had a brother who was a Member of the British Parliament. In 'Who's Who' the brother is merely mentioned as the "Brother of C. T. Studd.
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