The Finger of God!

Acts 21:1

Rhodes: An Island off the south west coast of Asia Minor. Tradition tells of Paul preaching here. It was remarkable chiefly for its Colossus of brass, seventy cubits high, with each finger as large as an ordinary man, standing astride over the mouth of the harbor, so that ships in full sail passed between its legs. One of the ‘seven wonders of the world', the colossus was set up in 288 B.C. and destroyed about 25 years later in an earthquake.

Ex. 31:18 Tablets of stone written with the "finger of God"

"The Finger of God", is alluded to many times in the Bible and always speaks of JUDGMENT and/or DELIVERANCE.

A) Judgment of Kingdoms.

1) Egypt Exodus 8:19 Plague of lice.

Pharaoh's Magi warn him "this is the finger of God"

The miracle of the lice was something even the Magi could not

Duplicate, and they saw God in this, but Pharaoh's heart was

hardened, and fine tooth combs began selling as the hottest item in


2) Babylon Daniel 5:5. The writing on the wall. Fingers of a man's hand!

Inserted Note: Clarence Larkin in his treatise on Daniel says:-

"The writing was in Aramaic, and the letters may have been

arranged in Acrostic style, and so mystified the ‘Wise Men.' The illustration below, taken from the Talmud, will show how this could have been done.

P   T   M   M

R   K   N    N

S    L   A    A

The Chaldeans (Wise Men), reading the letters from right to left, as in Hebrew and Aramaic, or from left to right, as in other languages, could make no sense of the words: but Daniel read from top to bottom, beginning at the right.

 Mene = Numeration

Tekel = Weighing

Peres = Division

Within 12 hours Babylon was taken by the Darius the Mede, and Belshazzar slain. Dan. 5:30 - 31.

God in His sovereignty deals with Kingdoms in Judgment.

Government is ultimately accountable to God.


B) Deliverance of Individuals.

1) Cain Gen. 4:15 "lest any finding him should kill him".

a) Worthy of death.

b) Rebellious

c) Unrepentant

d) Guilty of his own willful act!

You may have done willful sin, Jesus came to save the ‘Lost'

2) Demon Possessed Mute. Luke 11:20 ‘with the finger of God'.

a) Matt. 12:22 He was brought by another

b) He was deaf and blind as well, no way to have faith.

c) Jesus healed him anyway.

God's Grace is greater than your faith.

3) Adulterous Woman. John 8:6  Jesus writes with his finger.

a) Caught in the act.

b) Partner not accused

c) Jesus asked the crowd if any was without sin? All have sinned!

Neither do I condemn you!

4) Noah.   Gen. 8:4. Mountains Plural.

Ararat's highest point is called by locals the "finger of God"

Ararat: Ararat is generally understood to be Armenia, as it is rendered elsewhere, (2 Kings 19:37; Jer. 51:27 Source: Treasury of Scripture Knowledge.)

in which there is a great chain of mountains, like the Alps or the Pyrenees, upon the highest part of which, called by some, "The Finger Mountain," the ark is supposed to have rested.

It would seem that when Noah trusted God, he was kept so much in the hand and protection of God that when the waters subsided, he landed on God's Finger!

a) Noah trusted God. Never seen rain, or flood, but believed.

b) Noah obeyed and did what God required of him and worked 120 years.

c) Noah was saved.

Matt. 24: 37. As the days of Noe were so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be.

Matt. 24: 42. Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.

Jeremiah 31:33 God will write on our Hearts his law. (2 Cor. 3:7-8)

He can make you want to be what you cannot be of yourself!

In all of these examples God was dealing in Judgment and Deliverance. Those who ignored the warnings were judged, and those who trusted God found deliverance.

"What do you want God to do for you right now?" Judgment or Deliverance?

- Jim Cole-Rous © 2010