Little is Much

Today's Scripture: John 6:1-14
Central Thought: Little is much when God is in it

The church burgeoned with folk gathered to remember Ray's life. Outside a parade of school buses, filled with grieving students, maneuvered through the parking lot of Remembrance Church. Students waved, paying homage to a man who gave the little he had to make their lives better.

The local press summed up Ray's life this way: "He was just a huge cheerleader." He didn't live a life of grandeur, yet he impacted hundreds by encouraging and loving others from the confines of his humble home.

Often Ray found students who excelled and would honor them as "Student of the Week" by placing their name on a sign in his yard where everyone could see it. It is estimated that he sent close to 1,000 cards a year. For thirty years he stood on his porch each morning, smiled and waved at students on their way to school.

Occasionally we accomplish the notable; most often we touch others through the little things we do. Just like the boy who gave his loaves and fishes to Jesus, Ray gave what he had. God took it, blessed it, broke it, and used it.

What "little thing" is He asking of you today?

Devotional Prayer: Do in me all that you need to do, that you might do through me all that you long to do." Amen