Dreaming Big Dreams

By James Cole-Rous

Dreaming Big DreamsMade in His Image

God began with a dream of what He wanted to do. He took nothing and made from nothing everything that we are, and see around us. In November 2010, scientists discovered that there are 3 trillion additional celestial bodies out in space, which they never knew existed, up until now. Such things stimulate the human mind to emulate God and create something that only exists in their mind.

One Man's Big Dream

In 1998, Dr. George Flattery, a veteran missionary, returned to the U.S.A., feeling that his work of reaching the world with the Good News of Jesus remained unfinished.Several years prior to this, he had written a booklet titled "The Great Questions of Life", which became a best seller. It was subsequently reformatted into a six (6) part video series. Great Questions' became the basis for the International Correspondence Institute, which is now Global University. For many years, Dr. George Flattery served as its President. This looked like success but not to Dr. Flattery. His heart's desire was in reaching people who had not heard of the Jesus who could change and restore a fallen hopeless person.

One night Dr. Flattery had a dream, and the phrase "Ten Million" was strong in his mind when he awoke. He kept thinking about it until the goal of reaching 10 Million in 10 Years emerged. How does one reach 10 million people who do not know Jesus and who do not attend church? He thought about using 21st Century technology to propagate the 1st Century Gospel. While not knowledgeable about computers, he began to see that the Internet was drawing people of every race and age to search for information from this media.

He thought of producing a system whereby people could ask the question, 'Who is Jesus' and then are shown a short video presentation of how Jesus could meet their need. With the rapid advancements in technology, he envisioned a response mechanism where the viewer could click a button on the screen and send a message to say they had "prayed the prayer," asking Jesus to come into their life. They would also be able ask for more help, or bible teaching material. Out of this dream, he founded Network211.

Making an Impact

Then after some years of hard work, and a team of dedicated technical and theological helpers, Network211 went live with Journey Answers on the Internet. With the "response button" and teams of follow-up volunteers trained to respond to the responders, Network211 was well on its way to becoming another powerful tool in the field of evangelism. Officially launched on October 15, 2008, the Network211 website tracks every visitor to its presentations, every responder who made a decision, everyone who registers for a Bible Study course, or anyone who has questions which needs answering. In the first four years, five million people from over 236 nations visited the Gospel Presentations. The rate of enquiries is now approximately one every 8 seconds. Dr. George will very likely reach his goal of 10 Million well ahead of the ten years projected plan.