Kids of Briarwood

The Kids of Briarwood stories are geared to instill children with old- fashioned values. The fun-loving "kids" find adventure, friendship, social challenges, and learn to love and forgive. Follow the four-part series, as best friends Rachel and Caroline learn to let others into their world … Sarah, the newcomer, sweet Sam and his dog, Sandy, feisty Daniela, wealthy, self-centered Bryan, and John, the preacher's kid.

Follow the "kids" from ages eleven through fifteen, in four exciting, adventure-filled books. Follow their transition into junior high, then high school … as they "discover" who they are. Follow their lasting friendships, through their ups and downs. They discover that no matter what happens, friends are forever.

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The Kids of Briarwood II: The Journey Continues Written by Linda Arnold
The Kids of Briarwood: The Journey Begins Written by Linda Arnold