The Jesus Path

The Jesus Path is a distinctive Bible-based pathway designed to develop your personal relationship with Jesus Christ. As you travel The Jesus Path step-by-step you will receive answers to important life questions and be directed to pattern your life after Jesus. You can know Jesus more! You can walk with Jesus, grow with Jesus, and serve Jesus! The Jesus Path is ready for you to take that next step. JesusPath

1 - Jesus Is The Answer reveals who Jesus is and how He can change your life.

Discover God presents written material that provides answers to life's challenging questions.
Journey Answers focuses on thirteen life issues by stating the issue, revealing that Jesus is The Answer you are seeking, and directing you to Jesus in prayer.
The Who Jesus Is video reveals the identity of Christ and encourages you to know Jesus in a personal and life-changing way.

2 - Walk with Jesus is a series of videos that help you take your first steps as a new follower of Jesus Christ. This video series provides Biblical answers to your questions and directs you to build your new life in a manner that honors Christ.

3 - Grow with Jesus guides you through vital personal developmental stages as you grow in your relationship with the Lord.

Devotional Development draws you near to the Lord in your personal time.
Doctrinal Development leads you to study the Truth of God's Word.
Character Development applies the Truth practically to your life daily.
Service Development leads you to act like Jesus by benefiting others.

4 - Serve Jesus prepares you in the basics of servant leadership so that you can share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in all areas of your life.

Missions and Evangelism instructs you to reach out to others with the Good News.
Practical Ministry Skills equips you to help others deal with the daily issues of life.
Spiritual Development invests in your personal spiritual growth.
Biblical Studies forms a Bible foundation for your training to minister to others.

We want to travel The Jesus Path with you! Please feel free to use the response buttons on this page so that we may interact with you by discussing your questions and by joining with you in prayer. May the Lord bless you as you develop your personal relationship with Him!