Once while traveling through London, my family and I became quite confused about how to get from one airport to another. We thought we knew the plan, but suddenly, our expectations were shattered as we discovered that we would have to clear customs and take a bus from one airport to another.

Finding Direction in a Confusing World

It was frustrating. We weren’t sure who to turn to. We didn’t know how to get our luggage from one airport to the other. So many things were happening all at once that our children became to cry!  Fortunately, someone came along who knew what we needed to do and they helped us successfully get on our way.


Finding a Reliable Guide

Life can often be a frustrating journey. You can find yourself in situations that leave you uncertain about what to do. You get confused and it seems like everyone else understands what is going better than you do. Confusion creates more confusion.

liesTo follow your own path might seem gratifying at first, but you will likely miss some important stops along the way. It is even possible to miss the right path all together. We all need a reliable guide for this journey we call life.

God's Solution for Confusion

Is there a way you can follow that leads to genuine Truth? Yes! There is absolute Truth and that Truth is found in Jesus Christ.

Jesus said that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life and that no one comes to the Father except through Him. The beauty of following God’s advice is that His Truth is the same in every situation, with every individual, and in every season of life.

God's Solution

God gives direction for life that ends the confusion. His path will not lead you toward harm and embarrassment. Instead, His way leads you to a life of confidence and joy. Where can you find God’s direction? The Bible.

"direction for life that ends the confusion"

The Bible is a reliable road map that can help you navigate life’s toughest challenges. It clearly defines the kind of life that God will bless and offers hope of a better life to come. The goal of the Bible is to help you discover the joy of a relationship with God that begins through Jesus Christ.

Jesus came to earth and lived among us. He understands how confusing this world can be and He knows that we are impacted by the choices: the ones we make and choices others around us have made.

Jesus is so committed to you living a fulfilled life that He made a way for you to be freed from past mistakes through the cross at Calvary. When you ask Jesus for forgiveness, you begin a new journey with Christ as your guide. It all begins with a prayer.

It all starts with a simple prayer:

Dear Jesus, I am searching for Truth; genuine, authentic, absolute Truth. I am tired of being deceived and being lied to by the world and people around me. Please forgive me of my sin and bring Truth into my life. I surrender my heart to you and ask that you take control of my life now. Thank you.

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