SinglesIf you are Single, no matter your age, here you will find important resources and advice on those things that really matter to you.

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smallgroupsLearn more about what God has planned for dating and relationships. What is safe, sane and worthwhile?

mom_baby Problems and Aswers to Parenting as a Single parent. You can meet daily the challenges with hope and encouragement with help from these resources.

signpostResources for Christian Singles. You are not alone, learn from others who have gone down this road and can share with you from their experience.

hope1Life after Divorce can be a challenging time of readjustment. Here you can find helpful trusted resources, infomation and advice that will smooth your pathway ahead.

searchingBeing single in your golden years has it's challenges. How to cope with living and keeping your own home can be made easier by seeing what others have done. Find practical answers to many of your questions...

lonelycoupleSingles who have concerns about Marriage will find chosen writings here that may provide answers.