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Allergies and Vacations: Making Them Compatible Written by Windom, Dr. Hugh
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Atkins Diet: an Editorial Written by Sarah McDonald
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Death in a Step-family Written by Laura Petherbridge
Depression in Children Written by Edwards, Ed.D., M.S., Drew
Exercise for Your Heart Written by Family First
Fruitful and Ripened Written by Crystal J. Ortmann
Girls and Body Image Written by Smolak, Ph.D., Linda
God's Plan-Not Mine Written by Barbara Lighthizer
Hearing Loss: A Common Problem for the Family Written by Green, Jr., MD, FACS, J. Douglas
HGH Human Growth Hormone Written by SeniorMag
Keep Your Family in Good Health Written by Family First
Living Wills Written by Taylor, J. Eric
Myths and Truths about Teenage Acne and How to Treat It Written by Vesper, M.D., P.A., Jennifer L.
Our Children Need Us to Take Care of Ourselves Written by Maul, Derek
Parental Fever Phobia: Separating Fact from Fear Written by Weibley, Dr. Ric
Prostate Cancer Information Sheet Written by Family First
Risky Alcohol Drinking Behavior Written by Pamela J. Henderson
Saving Lives through Donating Blood Written by Family First
Somatization: Stress and Some of Its Effects on Our Children Written by Madden, Dr. Mitch
Summer Health Tips Written by Erickson, Patricia
The Importance of a Good Breakfast Written by Lewis, Carole
Transitions in Adulthood Written by David Martz