This series guides you through vital personal developmental stages as you grow in your relationship with the Lord. These lessons are provided courtesy of

Devotional Development When You Pray How to Study the Bible Your Helpful Friend Christian Worship  
Doctrinal Development Your New Life Your Bible John's Gospel Who Jesus Is We Believe
Character Development God's Design... Your Choice Bible Ethics Marriage and the Home The Christian in His Community  
Service Development The Church What Churchs Do Personal Evangelism Christian Workers The Teaching Ministry

Devotional Development: When You Pray

When You PrayWhen God made us, He put something in us that reaches out for Him. We realize that we need a power greater than our own to solve our problems, protect us, and meet our needs. Through prayer we learn to reach out to God for help and this 100-page course by J. Robert Ashcroft shows us how to get our prayers answered and have our needs met as we pray and worship God.

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Devotional Development: How to Study the Bible

Once we have chosen to follow God's plan for our lives, we are not only responsible to conform our lives and characters to Christ's image, but to share Christ's love with others so that their lives can also be transformed. We can best fulfill our responsibilities as we respond to the Holy Spirit when He reveals God's mind to us as we study the Bible. This 132-page course by Thomas Maphori gives a great deal of necessary insight for those who are interested in organizing their study of the Bible.

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Devotional Development: Your Helpful Friend

Everyone needs friends and everyone values those special friends who are always there when you need them the most. Each of us has a special friend in the Holy Spirit, and this course by Louise Jeter Walker tells about this very special friend in its l44 pages. Many students have experienced the Baptism in the Holy Spirit after studying this course. Available in print and audio.

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Devotional Development: Christian Worship

As you grow in your Christian life, the desire to worship the Lord grows-and that desire must be fulfilled. God also longs to have fellowship and communion with His children. This 118-page course by Judy Bartel will help those who seek to maintain consistent private devotions by illustrating both the need for and the benefit of worship. It also gives some essential guidelines that will be beneficial for group worship.

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Doctrinal Development: Your New Life

Your New LifeThe moment you accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior, you began a new life. He is the giver of life-wonderful, rich and joyful life that never ends. This 156-page course written by Louise Jeter Walker helps to explain what this new life is all about.

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Doctrinal Development: Your Bible

"Your Word is a lamp to guide me and a light for my path," said King David many years ago. No matter how difficult your situation is, or what decision you need to make, you can have the same assurance that King David had. This 107-page course adapted by Judy Bartel from the original course written by Louise Jeter Walker, will introduce you to the Bible and help you study it in order to gain insight into the way that God views our circumstances and helps us when we ask him.

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Doctrinal Development: John's Gospel

Click to visit the Global Reach siteThis course follows the pattern of John's Gospel and centers on the person of Jesus. It deals with many of the intimate details of Jesus' life, His teaching, and His claims that are not found in the other Gospels. In its 184 pages, author Rex Jackson takes the reader on a chapter-by-chapter study of the Gospel of John, and presents the vivid description of Christ that was given by the beloved disciple who was His closest human associate during His years of ministry.

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Doctrinal Development: Who Jesus Is

The best place to learn about the identity of Jesus is the Bible. This course, written by Elton G. Hill and adapted by Louise Jeter Walker, gives a vivid look at the life of Jesus beginning with His birth and continuing to the prophecies about His second coming. At the end of this 178-page course there is an invitation for the reader to have a personal encounter with Jesus.

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Doctrinal Development: We Believe

This course deals with the fundamental doctrines of the Bible and on the issues that every Christian should know about. Learning from God's Word helps us to answer the questions of what we believe and why we believe. Hence, we become what we believe. The themes in this course are challenging, the content is biblical and the end result will impact the rest of your life.

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Character Development: God's Design... Your Choice

God has a design for your life, but He has left it up to you to choose whether or not you will follow His plan. This 155-page course by Lowell Harrup will help you find out more about God's design for you and the many ways in which God will help you if you choose to follow Him. Knowledge about God's design and our choice will help everyone when they are confronted with the bewildering array of decisions that each person must make everyday.

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Character Development: Bible Ethics

Far too often we dwell on the things we feel are prohibited to us because we are Christians. But the motivating factor behind righteous living should be that Jesus said, "Be holy because I am holy." This l58-page course by John and Sara Miles clarifies the reasons behind the rules which were made to help believers enjoy serving God and being holy as He is holy.

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Character Development: Marriage and the Home

Many young couples take this course in preparation for marriage and find a number of time-tested rules for developing a happy home. As they study this 160-page course by Rex Jackson, family members learn to appreciate each other more by learning the basic principles of proper relationships in the home. Marriage was established by God and the family is the building block of society. Without strong family units the church cannot be what God intended for it to be. This course deals with all of the aspects of marriage and home that make the family the strong unit that the church rests upon.

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Character Development: The Christian in His Community

Once you accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, you become part of the Christian community. This course teaches us that this community is much more than the place where we live. God wants us to realize the importance of demonstrating the proper attitude towards others.

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Service Development: The Church

This course describes the church and shows how each member of the body of Christ can be more useful as they put into practice what they learn. This course gives you a better understanding of how you fit in the church and also shows how to fulfill your potential in the body of Christ.

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Service Development: What Churches Do

Click to visit the Global Reach siteWhat is the purpose of churches and why do people go to church? What does it mean to be baptized? Why should a believer take communion? Is it scriptural to dedicate babies? This course answers many of the most frequently asked questions about the church.

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Service Development: Personal Evangelism

Jesus was our example in taking the good news to people everywhere and He wants us to share the gospel wherever we go. This l44-page course by Jean-Baptiste Sawadogo will help the reader to understand the true nature of evangelism. Knowing the principles contained in this course will enable believers to share Christ with the people around them in a more convincing, powerful and positive way.

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Service Development: Christian Workers

You can know how to fit into God's design as a member of the body of Christ and learn how God will equip you to serve Him in the church. This 119-page course by Marian Brandt relates how God organized the church and put each member in the body of Christ according to His plan. It also gives practical suggestions to follow in order to find and develop the gifts that will allow each individual to edify the church. It will help in understanding how to work with the leaders of the local church and how gifted believers can minister to those who need their help.

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Service Development: The Teaching Ministry

The Teaching MinistryTeaching is like throwing a small rock in a pool of water. As we teach and our students in turn teach others, the results are like ripples of water, reaching out to the world around us. This l44-page course by Marjorie Steward will help illustrate how to have a teaching ministry that is both productive and rewarding. Jesus commissioned his followers to "...teach all nations... teaching them to obey and to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded..." This is the mandate that must be carried out by the church.

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