Seven Things Fathers Need to Know About Raising a Daughter

Robert Wolgemuth

In his book, She Calls Me Daddy, Robert Wolgemuth addresses seven key areas of fatherhood specifically relating to fathers and daughters: protection, conversation, affection, discipline, laughter, faith and conduct.

fatheranddaughtersittingWolgemuth stresses the importance of a father protecting his daughter--both from physical harm and from emotional harm. His role is to help his daughter learn independence one step at a time under his watchful care. A father should also engage in meaningful conversation with his daughter: spend time with her, take her on errands, ask her questions, teach her how to hold a conversation.

Fathers also need to show their daughters affection, whether its physical or spoken. Discipline should be fair and swift, and consistently enforced. But fathers should also engage in laughter with their daughters, taking the time to tell stories, play games and just enjoy each other's company.

Fathers should also instill their faith in their daughters through teaching and talking about their beliefs. And while every father should also help his daughter in good conduct and making wise choices, Wolgemoth explains that this should be done with the foundation of the other six areas.

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