LWU: Living While Unconscious

We are all familiar with acronyms such as MYOB, RSVP, and ASAP. There's a site on the web that lists over 316,000!

Recently, I have heard good arguments to support the addition of WAWS (Walking Around While Stupid!), and I must admit that it is disturbingly easy to unearth examples of candidates well qualified to wear that label.

There is a new acronym, however, that I would like to launch into the world of broad-sweeping generalizations. I am referring to LWU: Living While Unconscious. This is a severely debilitating condition that limits people's ability to function in the world, especially parents.

* These people would rather not expose themselves to education, help, or new ideas.
* They cannot be familiar with history: World history, American History, or family history.
* Geography? Much the same story. "Who cares what is even going on in Ethiopia, let alone where the place is."
* Politics are simple. "Don't raise my taxes, worry me with anyone else's situation, talk to me about the rest of the world, hold me responsible.
* Local politics? More of the same. "I've raised my kids, they're not spending my money on those schools." "My kids are OK, I don't see the problem." "Other people in trouble? Let them get a job!"

People who Live While Unconscious repudiate one of the most essential evidences of the glory that being made in the image of God invites into our experience. We are sentient beings; alert, conscious, accountable, communal, cognizant.

It is our creative thought processes; our ability to think outside of the box; our sense of community; our innate drive to learn, and grow, that mark us as beings fundamentally kin to the author of creation.

When we choose to be people who Live While Unconscious, then we choose to make a defiant declaration that we are not children of the living God, and that his creative spark holds no claim on our limited lives.

So, let's take this challenge into the world with us: Wake up an unconscious American today! Then, while you have their attention, take the time to tell them what is going on.

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