Your Guide to the Bible

Bob Caldwell

The Bible is perhaps the most familiar book in the world. The number of copies sold or given away in the 20th century alone has been estimated at 5 billion. It was the first book produced on a printing press.

bibleguidelogoThe Bible is a complex book. Rather than a single book with a single author, it is a collection of different books combined under one cover. This makes reading it and understanding it a complex process. New believers can be especially intimidated by not knowing how or where to begin.

Therefore, we have created the Global Christian Center Guide to the Bible. In these articles, you will find information about the origins, contents, and correct use of the Bible. This series will expand over time, so come back regularly to see if there is any new content.

Article 1. What Is in the Bible?

Article 2. What Is in the Old Testament?

Article 3. What Is in the New Testament?

Article 4. How the Bible Came to Be