August 2017 Directors Choice


            I note that an increasing number of Syndicators are reading this letter each month. My purpose here, is to point you to our best authors, with applicable content for the theme chosen for the upcoming month.

            I have also made suggestions, helping you position your Church website as a ministry, rather than a bulletin board. At we prioritize evangelism, and have developed strong discipleship content articles. Last month 516,807 people visited our evangelism and discipleship websites, for a daily average of 17,227 persons.

            We are so convinced of the need to reach the lost and point them to Jesus, and to a good church in their neighborhood, that we offer you free basic syndication. You can place our evangelism materials on your own Church website, as well as the Jesus Path, which is of great help also to those finding Christ in your own congregation.

            When you support Network211 as you would a missionary, every dollar of your giving translates into 15 visitors to our Evangelism Outreach worldwide. I encourage you to participate in this way. Your partnership in missions support, entitles you to unlimited Syndication content of Network211 articles, videos and discipleship materials. To read more about this please click

            Network211 is currently developing a new website platform, with a contemporary look, and easier access to curated articles for your use. We will keep you informed of the progress and development of this new site. Eventually you will find the current web address (URL) will point to the new site, so there will be no interruption of your Syndication benefits.

            Thank you for partnering with us to reach the lost worldwide in more than 16 languages, on all the continents around this globe. I recommend you subscribe to our free magazine, with links to our Global Christian Center top articles for each month. Using the URL link you can simply log in to Global Christian Center as a syndicator, and copy the code to your own website, so your members and visitors can see the article/s you chose on your own Church website.

            In Calvary’s Bonds,

Jim Cole-Rous

            Jim Cole-Rous

Director of Content for Network211

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