July 2017 Director's Choice

July 2017 Director's Choiceconnect-with-central-hub-1357762-m

Devotions for your people!

Network211 partners with Churches, sharing our resources. Your Church can join our network, and access free devotions, which will automatically update daily to your website. Here is a list of some of the devotions you can choose from.

Network211 Report for Devotions Online,

Jan–Dec 2016 extracted from restricted hits report:

Daily Devotions 60 Seconds                                      178,951

Teen Devotions                                                            52,129

60 Seconds – Devotional (347)                                   43,362

Morning Muse (620)                                                    42,270

Pearl Dust (1132)                                                        41,369

David's Coffee Stains (463)                                        40,683

OT Fire Starters - (614)                                              38,488

NT Fire Starters - (454)                                              34,011

Spurgeon Evening Devotions (617)                           30,999

Spurgeon Morning Devotion (462)                             27,748

TOTAL HITS 2016:                                                  577,178


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