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Can Syndication increase my Church’s Community impact?

A Syndicator:connect-with-central-hub-1357762-m

A group or agency that acquires copyrighted articles, stories or other helpful media, and makes them available to other groups or organizations to promote a common interest.


This is how an organization can make copyrighted material available to organizations to use without having to get permissions from the copyright holders. The original article resides on the Syndicator’s website, but an organization may enter into an agreement with the Syndicator, allowing that article to appear on your website. It will remain there at your discretion, as long as the contract with the Syndicator is valid.


Any person who copies copyright material, without written permission of the copyright holder, and publishes it, by any method, is in fact stealing that material. They are liable to be prosecuted in a court of law, and may have to pay substantial penalties.


Articles or media found in a magazine, a website or on a blog or other public distribution method.

Using your Church Website to Impact your Community

Any Church with a website, is usually challenged to find articles helpful to their audience; be it their local community, the members of the church, or visitors looking for a place to worship. Placing copyright material on a church website, without written permission from the author, can have serious consequences for the reputation of the church. It is illegal, immoral, and unethical to use any media, or articles without that permission.

Network211.com has acquired thousands of articles from authors and ministries, with the right to syndicate them to Churches. The church enters into agreement with Network211.com to have rights to choose and use materials found on Network211.com’s Global Christian Center (GCC) web site.

Once that church is accepted for syndication, they can browse the site, and choose what is needed, then log in to the Syndication page of GCC. Return to the article needed, and click on the small icon appearing on that page. This will open a small text box with a code script, which can be copied, using the Ctrl + C, to copy it.

The next step is to open the page on the church web site, and toggle the editor to show the html code. Find where the new article should appear, then use the ‘Paste’ (Ctrl + V) to place the code script there, and save and close the Church web site page. The article will appear there in the same format and design of the Church site, with a small line at the bottom of the page, reading: Content feed courtesy ofGlobal Christian Center

To sign up for your own syndication please click the red/white GCC Content Syndication button on the bottom right of the home page at www.globalchristiancenter.comand read the instructions, then click the create an account link, just below the Log in button.

We are an International Missions ministry, and your support of Network211, through using safe, biblical content from GCC Syndication, will further our worldwide outreach.

Thank you,

Jim Cole-Rous

Director of Content for Network211.com

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