May 2017 Director's Choice

May 2017 Director's Choiceconnect-with-central-hub-1357762-m

Ministering to Your Community through Your Website

     Your impact on the community around your church, can be multiplied by what they find on your website. When you address the concerns voiced in town hall meetings, and Parent Teacher conferences at local schools in your community, the word will spread, and your Church becomes a ‘go-to’ place, and website, for residents around your campus. 

     Did you know that seven out of every ten visitors to your church, first visited your website, before walking through the doors of your facility?

     New people in town, will ‘google’ - Find churches in (my town), and the churches with a website will show up on the page. What they see there will be a deciding factor in a visitor’s decision to actually visit your church.

     What do they see when they open your website? Member information? Welcome New Visitor? Community Concerns? Think about priorities, and what your first purpose is for your church. How important is the Great Commission to your local community? If this is your heartbeat, then I encourage you to make it relevant on your website as well. Let’s look at how you can turn your website from a ‘Bulletin Board’ into a ministry tool, to reach the lost in your neighborhood!


     You can have the “Jesus Path” appear on your website, presenting the gospel and answers to felt human needs through the ‘Journey Answers’ links. The Jesus Path has discipleship help, for your new believers, under the Walk with Jesus and Grow with Jesus sections of the “Jesus Path”. 

Christian Discipleship

     You can find good biblically based articles, which answer many Community concerns, from a Christian world-view, on’s website, Especially when you click on the ‘Christian Living’ or ‘Resources’ tab at the top of the GCC page.

     These specially selected articles, are arranged in categories for: Men, Women, Marriage, Family, Singles, Seniors, Students and Kids. 

     All, or any of these can be placed on an applicable page on your Church website, using the GCC Syndication tool, which appears on the bottom right of the GCC website page. This allows you to display these articles, legally and ethically, without copyright infringement. Network211 has the copyright to syndicate, so you can choose any item you need, and place it on the appropriate page of your website, for as long as you want it to be there. Network211 is here to help you reach the lost in your community.

     Jim Cole-Rous
      Director of Content for

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