March 2017 Director’s Choice

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The purpose of this page is to help you find helpful relevant articles from trusted authors, which you can place on your Church website. Network211 is primarily an online worldwide evangelism ministry. Our Global Christian Center website is designed to help believers find answers to questions they have on how to walk with Jesus.

This ministry, active since October 2008, currently has a daily average of 18,109 people visit our sites every 24 hours. On average we record 842 responses and 102.6 inquirers daily (Stats for Jan 14 – Feb 13, 2017). We are keenly aware of the questions inquirers ask. Our analytical research statistics show us the most read categories accessed month by month.

The most visited items are Devotions, which inspire and encourage Christians in their daily walk with the Lord. There are eleven categories in the Devotions Resource. Visitors for 2016 reading in these categories totaled an amazing 577,178 reads. The most read category was ‘Daily Devotions’ read 178,951 times in the past year.

I encourage you to visit the ‘Resources’ tab on the blue ribbon across the top of the GCC website page, and click on the Life Resources drop down list, then look at the Devotions subcategories to see which one you would like to have appear on your website.You can make this choice visible on your Church site, by logging in, using the Syndication button on the bottom right of the GCC home page, and joining Network211 Syndication content.

Once you are logged in and return to the Devotion you want, you click on it, copy the script in the pop-up box, and then paste that to the page you wish it to be on and you have automatically added that devotion to your web site.

A new weekly devotions series was launched this month, with all fresh material. Titled “Impact with Dave Arnold”, it is a quick read. Dave Arnold, has authored several books and written for us for years. His writing is to the point and inspirational.

Want other kind of content for your Church site? Look around the rest of the categories in ‘Life Resources’. You may find just what you need to inspire your congregation, and visitors to your own site.

In Calvary’s Bonds,

Jim Cole-Rous,

Content Dir. Network211.

 © 2017 J. Cole-Rous