February 2017 Director's Choice

February 2017 Director’s Choice

Pastor, when did you last go to your Church Web site, and look at it critically?connect-with-central-hub-1357762-m

By critically, I mean what is there that should not be visible, outdated information or contact phone numbers that have not been changed?

If you have a person acting as web-master, make notes and ask for corrections to be made, or if you have the expertise, do it yourself. Make sure there are no activities notices announcing last quarter’s ladies convention, or men’s breakfast! Perhaps you do not have that problem, but I have visited too many that do!

The next step is to look at what should be there, and is not.

Is there a simple presentation of how to find Jesus?

We spend thousands of dollars supporting home and foreign missionaries, but what about people in your community who are going to Church web sites looking for answers to their life problems. It is worth the time and effort to have that kind of content on your Church website.

New believers need an easy to follow discipleship course they can access anytime.

Do you have that on your website? These are just two of the content areas which should be immediately visible to visitors. Most actual visitors to you Church facility will have first checked your website. What they find there will often be the deciding factor prompting them to actually visit your church.

The first thing that I am asked is how can I find articles I can post to my church website?

You, or your webmaster, can visit www.network211.com and click on the ‘Global Christian Center button, then explore this website, built to help thousands of people who have made a commitment to Jesus and are seeking help as new believers. Network211 has reached nearly 24 million people worldwide in the past eight years, who want answers about who Jesus is.

On the front page, top left is a blue ribbon, and the second item reads ‘The Jesus Path’. This is a distinctive Bible-based pathway designed to develop a new believer’s personal relationship to Jesus.

The third item ‘Christian Living’ highlights our best articles on Men, Women, Marriage, Family, Singles and Seniors. Click on any article title to see if it is one you need on your own website.

You can you have those items you feel you need on your site. It is a simple matter of copying a short piece of code, from Global Christian Center’s site. All you need to do is go to the bottom of the GCC page, and click on the white/red Content Syndication button. Join as a Syndicator, and then once you are logged in, find the item you want, click on it and copy the code. Instructions are right there for you.

You then simply paste the code, in the place you want it to appear on your Church site, and it will be there until you decide to change it for new content. Syndication gives you access to anything you find on Global Christian Center.

In Calvary’s Bonds,


Jim Cole-Rous, Dir. of Content for N211.com

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