January 2017 Director’s Choice

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Content is the written or video material you use to fill your Church Web site with helpful information, for your congregation and visitors to your Web site. One of the greatest needs for Church web sites is safe, biblically accurate content, articles and Bible teaching.

You explored a web site and saw a great article or video. It costs nothing to create a link to that material.

Warning: Linking to another web site is quick and easy.

You look at the URL (universal resource locator) at the top of your browser, and copy it, then paste it into your web site page. When a visitor clicks on the link you created, they see the wonderful item you found for them on that other web site. You think you have done your people a favor?

  1. You may have made some good helpful content available to your people.
  2. You read it yourself, and approved it.
  3. It was biblical and applicable to some needs among your readers.
  4. Any visitor to your Church site can now see this item using the link you provided.
  1. First, your readers are now looking at material on another web site, and will not automatically return to your Church site. They will have to remember to go and find your Church web site they left.
  2. You do not know what has been posted on that web site since you created that link; unless you personally check the content of that web site every day.
  3. Once a person has read the item you linked to, they will likely explore other content on that web site.
  4. Finding a different Church web site may lead them to a different Church!
  5. The web site you linked to may have added new inappropriate content, you would not have approved.

A Safe Alternative:

     There is a way to place content you have approved on your own web site, and not take people to another web or church site. You can draw from a safe database of materials, and display one or more items on your own Church Web site for as long or short a period of time, without using a “Link”. There is a treasure trove of carefully monitored content in the Database of Network211.com website, at


ls this important?

At the time of writing this article, a letter reached me, pointing out that a video on a prestigious theological website, appeared to end with a picture of a 'topless-girlie' picture! The video was hosted on a non-Christian web site, and the theological website had a media link to the video, but when the video ended, the non-Christian web site showed an advertisement picture that shocked the viewer. A few minutes later that advertizement was replaced with a different one.

The lesson here is you do not control what appears on any site to which you create a link !

Network211 Syndication Content is vetted, and is approved by our leadership to be in conformity with the standards of the National Evangelical Association.

Over 6,700 articles, audio and video are available to you here. How do you use this without creating a “Link” to the material? You simply join the Syndication Section of Global Christian Center, and you may then choose any article from our resources, of inspirational, teaching or informational content, and copy a small a popup window containing the HTML code, which you then paste into your website. The article will take the format of your website, and be there until you change it for another item.

To learn more about this safe tool, please visit: http://support.network211.com/index.php/Welcome

I wish you a blessed and wonderful New Year

Jim Cole-Rous

Jim Cole-Rous, Director of Content, Network211.

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