November 2016 Director's Choice

      Network211 receives an average of 100 responses each day from inquirers, asking for prayer and connect-with-central-hub-1357762-mdirection for their lives. We meet each workday morning in the conference room to pray for a sampling of these needs. One benefit of this is that we are informed of the predominant needs of people worldwide. Many of the requests are very similar in substance.

Here is a sample of the scope of these prayer requests:

I have received Christ, how can I grow spiritually?’

‘I now want to get closer to Christ and build a strong relationship with him.’

‘I get depressed, being dependent to someone else. I want to get some prayers for this.’

‘I need prayers and God's grace upon my life to find comfort in the Lord Jesus Christ as I mourn my 26 year old son who committed suicide in September 2016.’

‘I feel very lost and have done so many mistakes [...] I need a prayer to find my worth; perhaps find love.’

‘Peace in my family, forgiveness from my wife . . .’

I have a question for you!
What is there on your Church website that can meet some of these needs?

Articles providing answers through Jesus, can be a huge help to people who are looking at Christian Websites, trying to find answers.

      On the Global Christian Center website (GCC) you will see a blue ribbon just under the title with resource links. “The Jesus Path” is the first of these, and it walks the inquirer through the steps of finding “Jesus as the Answer”, and how to “Walk with Jesus”, how to “Grow with Jesus” and how to “Serve Jesus”. Each of these will open vast resources of sound Biblical teaching when clicked on. This resource can reside on your own Church website, when you click the “GCC Content Syndication” button on the bottom right corner of front page.

      Joining the GCC Content Syndication, will open a vast library of safe, verified content, which you can access by logging in and choosing just the items you want on your site, then copying the Code Script you will see there, and pasting it to the page on your website, using the ‘html’ display function in your website editor. You can keep it there as long, or short, a time as you wish.

      Your website will become a live ministry tool, for the lost in your neighborhood, and the people in your congregation. Consider ‘Syndication’ as a ministry partner to your congregation, it is a wise investment, with a future harvest as well as a daily present help. You can read more of how to use Syndication, right on the GCC web site.

In Calvary’s Bonds,

Jim Cole-Rous  Director of Content for Network211