October 2016 Director’s Choice

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Wondering what new content to add to your Church website for October 2016?

We are approaching the ‘busy season’ where your people are filling their calendars with last quarter activities. It is easy to lose sight of eternal values, when so many social and church activities fill people’s minds. I believe this is a time to offer your people some direction in terms of spiritual goals.

I have gathered four excellent articles together under the theme of “Where are you Going?”

You can use any or all of these great articles on your website, using syndication from Network211’s GlobalChristianCenter.com syndication tools. If you are not yet a registered Syndication member with Network211 you can join here, and have unlimited content access, for the monthly investment of $50.00, like you support a missionary.

Please be aware that it is a contravention of copyright to copy and paste content from any website, you may however have the exact content on your site using syndication. All you need do, is log in, by clicking the Content Syndication button on the bottom of the home page of GCC, and then find these articles using the information below.

Look for the syndication link at the bottom of the article which reads “Put This on Your Site” once you are logged on. Clicking on this link, will open a popup window containing the HTML code you must copy and paste into your website. (You must select source view or HTML view on your web site editor.) The articles will appear on your site once you save and close your editor.

Here are the four articles you can choose from, or use all of them if you wish.

I used the Story Title and Author’s Name in the search box to find these articles while logged in as a syndicator.

Our Passion and Pursuit by Jim Feiker

Headed for a Resurrection by Joyce Wells Booze

Receive the Holy Spirit by Bob Caldwell

The Gordian Knot of Suffering by Ronda Knuth

These articles will help your readers rethink priorities as they accept engagements for the holiday season ahead.

In Calvary’s Bonds,

Jim Cole-Rous

Director of Content and Syndication


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