August 2016 Director's Choice

Some years ago the L.A. Dodgers were not winning the percentage of games they expected. connect-with-central-hub-1357762-m

The Coach gathered his team and told them they were going to do a crash course in “Baseball 101” – Basics!

Some team members were indignant while others were puzzled. They were all professionals, at the top of the league, and now they were going to do a course in the things they learned as ‘Rookie’ players! Within weeks, the team began winning games again. The key was the team had been taking short-cuts, and neglected the simple basics that brought them to the top of the league in the first place.

What has this got to do with Computers, Web sites and Syndication? Everything!

Every once in a while, I hear from a Church Webmaster, who complains he is having trouble with his Syndication downloading to the Church web site. The web site worked fine for a while, then the web host company made some changes and the syndication no longer worked on their site.

Here we have a Church which accepted a ‘short-cut’. Web hosting with a free web address included, known as a URL. The host company can make a change to their web address, and your web site appears fine, but the syndication will not show correctly. One Church decided to move to another web host, and learned, to their surprise, that they did not own the Web Address (that is the URL), it belonged to the host company.

LESSON 101 – A: When you start to put a website together, the first rule, is to purchase your own Web Site URL. Yes you pay a small annual fee but you can use it with any host you choose. It never contains a clause like ‘Your Church at’. It will only contain what you purchased. Did you buy, First Church of, then that is what you own.

You can usually choose to buy a web site address ending in the dot com or dot org. Most for profit companies use the dot com, but the dot org, generally refers to a non-profit, such as a club or Church. If you choose to move to another host provider, your URL moves with you, the host company does not control your URL.

When you decide to syndicate content to your web site then the syndication content goes to the URL you own, and if you change providers, the script you copy from a Syndicator, such as Network211 will work with you web site URL every time.

Next month I will share some other great reasons to keep with the basics, for trouble-free computing.

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