June 2016 Director's Choice

June 2016 Director’s Choiceconnect-with-central-hub-1357762-m

What are your people reading when they access a Christian Web Site?

We have 7,601 articles on Global Christian Center, the flagship web site of Network211.

I did a survey to determine the most read articles on our site for the first four months of 2016.

You can use syndication to place any of these popular articles on your church web site.

In order of popularity here are the top twelve stories on Global Christian Center.

  1. Principles of Worship Leading—Let the River Flow! By Dr. Steve Phifer (14,119 reads). http://globalchristiancenter.com/worship-resources/fire-and-form-of-worship/24582-principles-of-worship-leadinglet-the-river-flow
  2. Purpose Driven Life: What On Earth Am I Here For? By Rick Warren (5,921 reads). http://globalchristiancenter.com/singles/after-divorce/24213-purpose-driven-life-what-on-earth-am-i-here-for
  3. John 2:1-11 - The Beginning of Signs by Dr. George M. Flattery (5,117 reads). http://globalchristiancenter.com/sermons/dr-g-flattery-sermons-on-what-jesus-said/26113-the-beginning-of-signs
  4. Romans 5:8 The Love of God by Dr. George M. Flattery (4,980 reads). http://globalchristiancenter.com/sermons/dr-g-flattery-sermons-on-what-jesus-said/26121-the-love-of-god
  5. Relationship Between World View and Religion (4,472 reads).   http://globalchristiancenter.com/bible-and-theology/systematic-theology/24569-relationship-between-world-view-and-religion
  6. The Jesus Path (4,306 reads). http://globalchristiancenter.com/jesus-path
  7. Luke 2:41-52 - My Father's Business by Dr. George M. Flattery (4,053 reads). http://globalchristiancenter.com/sermons/dr-g-flattery-sermons-on-what-jesus-said/26120-my-fathers-business
  8. Discipleship in the Gospel of Mark by Amy Fallon (3,940 reads). http://globalchristiancenter.com/christian-living/bible-studies/895-discipleship-in-the-gospel-of-mark
  9. How People of Faith Are Using Computers and the Internet (3,852 reads). http://globalchristiancenter.com/church-resources/applying-technology/24541-how-people-of-faith-are-using-computers-and-the-internet
  10. A Healthy Church Balances the Five Purposes by Rick Warren (3,808 reads). http://globalchristiancenter.com/administrative-leadership/strategy-and-planning/25068-a-healthy-church-balances-the-five-purposes
  11. A Man King David Feared by Jim Cole-Rous (3,615 reads). http://globalchristiancenter.com/sermons/sermon-resources/26520-a-man-king-david-feared
  12. Two on the Road to Emmaus by Jim Cole-Rous (3,456 reads). http://globalchristiancenter.com/christian-living/lesser-known-bible-people/31284-two-on-the-road-to-emmaus

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All content on Global Christian Center has been peer-reviewed and meets the standards of the NEA, for your protection.

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Have a great experience with our syndication.

Jim Cole-Rous,

Lead Editor, Content and Syndication for Network211