Director’s Choice April 2016

Director’s Choice April 2016connect-with-central-hub-1357762-m

You can now place effective Missionary Presentations on your Church site.

There is a special section on under the Resources tab. When you hover your cursor over the resources tab, a drop-down menu will open, click the “Missions” button. You will see categories telling about areas of missions ministries. These sub-categories have articles with the category emphasis you find them in.

April is a great time to begin promoting the Great Commission, and to challenge your people to consider the call to the mission-field.

When you are logged on to Network211’s content syndication page, all it takes is to copy the ‘script’ you will see after selecting an article you like. Paste that script into a page in your Church web site, and the article will open, when a visitor to your site clicks on the item. People in your local community will know your church has a missionary vision.

The reason for the phenomenal growth of Network211, is their focus proclaiming the Salvation message, to a worldwide online audience. In under eight-years, more than 20 million people from most countries in the world, have watched our salvation presentations, and One million have made an evangelism response, back to Network211 follow-up workers.

You can link to our Journey Answers evangelism presentations, and have them appear on your web site, even if you are not a "Syndication Parnter".

To see a simple example of linking to Journey Answers, click on then click on the picture image on the page, titled “Need Direction?” This will open Journey Answers on my web site. It took me five minutes to follow the instructions and paste the code to my web site. You can do this for your Church site too!

Instructions are on 100 million/Link your site. Click this link to see it (

Syndicating with Network211 will add new growth dimensions to an online presence in your community.

He is Alive. Let's tell those in your community this good news.

Easter greetings,

Jim Cole-Rous, Director of Content @ Network211