Director's Choice March 2016

Powerful Church Web Sites use ‘Global Christian Center Content’ for syndication.connect-with-central-hub-1357762-m

Frequently I get an inquiry about how to find the content needed from Global Christian Center's Web site. Here are some simple suggestions.

First you can use the 'Resources' tab

The 'Resources' tab is found on the blue 'ribbon' across the top of the GCC web site home page. Move your cursor over the tab, and you will see a drop-down list with four main sections of the resources. These are:

Life Resources, the largest section. The content here is aimed at the people-in-the-pew. They may be interested in coming to your church, or be adherents or members. If you wish to use articles for a Men's group, Women’s group, or Teens, then you need to look at the sub-categories for articles you can use on your own site.

The Ministry Resources has good sub-categories: Administrative; Church Leadership; Christian Education; and Theological resources. Some Churches have a section on their site for leaders training and will use content from Ministry resources to supplement their coaching of new Deacons, or department heads. Pastors will find good ‘Sermon’ material here as well.

The Media Category, contains videos, and podcasts as well as music, which may augment your Teens section.

The Missions Category will offer you a path to understanding the purpose, call, and preparation needed to become a missionary. These can be syndicated to your web site during a Missions Conference, or a time of Missions emphasis, perhaps while the Pastor is doing a sermon series on Missions.

There is another way you can find articles on Global Christian Center.

Suppose you need four or five good stories on Easter, or Christmas, or New Life. These are topics, and you can type in a topic word in the "Search Box" on the home page of GCC, then click enter. In about ten seconds you will see a list of articles containing that word. Choose the stories you like, and then use the Syndication tools, to copy the script to paste on your web page, and the article will show up just where you posted it to your site.

You can 'syndicate' a single article, or a sub-category to your own site, depending on your preference. When you syndicate a sub-category, any new content which is added to GCC, you will then see it on your site, without you having to do anything more.

One more helpful tip on finding new content

New or Premium Global Christian Center articles are promoted with a Monthly Theme, through the medium of Network211’s free subscription magazine, “”. You can sign up there and it will be in your e-mail inbox the first day of each month. You can see 4-5 of the best articles for the month. If you see one you would like to use, just go to Syndication and pull it up. Use the script once you are logged in to Syndication, and it is immediately visible on your Church site.

Empowering your Church with Syndication,

Jim Cole-Rous

Director of Content.