Director's Choice Feb 2016

Where have we come from, and where are we going?connect-with-central-hub-1357762-m

The history of the Internet dates back significantly further than that of the World Wide Web. By January 1993 there were fifty Web servers across the world; by October 1993 there were over five hundred.[1]

The actual number of people on the Internet as of 30 Nov 2015 is: 3,366,261,156.

That is 3.66 Billion.[2]

Don’t underestimate the power of the internet. People move from one city to another, and will look for a place of worship which is to their liking. The sign outside your church is only seen by the traffic driving down the street where your church is situated.

It gives the church name and times of meetings, perhaps the name of the Pastor, and maybe a line of text, welcoming visitors, or announcing an upcoming special event.

A Church web site, can do much more.

Visitors today are usually people who have gone on the internet and typed in two words in a search-engine.

They are ‘Your Town’ + ‘Churches’.

If you have your church web site, it will appear on a list, for them to explore.

What are new people looking for? They want to know what you are doing in their community. What is your passion as a congregation. What you believe, and what you offer newcomers. The front page of your web site will tell them what your attitude is to visitors. You can have a short video, presenting the way of salvation, right on that first page.

Your first and second pages will present your message, and make clear to visitors they are more than welcome.

There will be a map, with directions to find the church, the times your office is open, and when the main church meetings occur. The telephone number should be there (with a working message answering device, they can leave a question at). Some pictures of the Pastor, Staff, and the building from the outside will enable visitors to recognize the place, and the key people, when they arrive at your facility.

When you get the first pages of your Church Web site right, you will have a ministry which reaches far beyond your street, neighborhood or city. To make this really effective, you can use the carefully gathered content from Network211’s by selecting those items that will help further your aims, as a church.

Syndication, simply is a way you get that content to appear on your site, to give safe scriptural content to your site. You find what you want, log in to syndicate, and copy a short piece of ‘code’ and paste it to the page in your site. Now visitors see that article on your site, and do not get a link taking them away to our site! The syndicated article takes on the format of your own Church site.

Syndication is a tool, to give content to your church site, and ministry effectiveness in your community.

Let’s Roll!



[1] Raggett, Dave; Jenny Lam; Ian Alexander (1996-04). HTML 3: Electronic Publishing on the World Wide Web. Harlow, England ; Reading, Mass: Addison-Wesley. p. 21. ISBN9780201876932.” {Excerpted from Accessed Jan. 22, 2016}.