2016-01 Directors Choice

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           During the last two months of 2015, many Christian organizations promote their cause by informing us that a gift to their work would be doubled in value through a matching grant from another donor.

You can experience a doubled value when you become a full ‘Syndication Partner’ at Network211. You will have access to evangelism tools, discipleship programs for your new believers, and media content, both video and audio, together with carefully selected written articles featuring all age groups in your church.

These are items you select on our Global Christian Center website, and then through the marvel of syndication, those syndicated items appear on your church website.

Visitors to you church site see these on your site, together with all the information you have for them about your church and ministries.

Your extra value is that your monthly syndication cost, supports all the incredible outreach of Network211 world-wide. Your cost is literally supporting a Missionary doing evangelism as a first priority. So you are partnering with Network211 to reach 100 million people with the Gospel!

A Pastor recently said to me, he can create a link to another website which visitors to his church site can click on to see that article. That is true, but the visitor is now on some other website, and may not return to the Pastor’s church site! Syndication keeps visitors on your own church’s website.

If your church is small, and you do not feel you can afford the $50.00 missionary giving that an investment in Syndication entails, look at our free Starter Pack as an option. The Network211 Syndication Starter Pack, allows churches to syndicate our ‘Jesus Path’ new believer discipleship program, to your own church website for free. You can also syndicate your choice of  ‘Daily Devotions’ which will automatically update each day on your website.

Included in this subscription are the following devotional series:

  • Adult Daily Devotional and Bible Readings
  • Fire Bible Teen Daily Devotional
  • Button Links to Evangelism Sites

There is no cost for this service. It does not expire. Price: $FREE!

To learn more about the amazing value of syndicating content to your church website, please go to:


Here you will find the detailed information and you can sign up on the same page.

Wishing you and yours, a blessed Christmas and New Year.

In Calvary’s Bonds,

Jim Cole-Rous
Director of Content for Network211