Director’s Choice December 2015

December is upon us, with all the celebrations and activities. connect-with-central-hub-1357762-m

There is a stronger likelihood that new people may visit your church this month.

Did you know that 70% of first-time visitors to your Church, have first looked at your Church Web site?

Take a look at your Church Site from a Visitor’s point of view. They do not know what you are like, or what you do.

Your Church Web site is your Online Church Front Door!

What do you want your Visitors to find, when they visit your Church Web site?

Will they feel welcomed, or will they see things that make them feel the door is closed to outsiders?

Put yourself in a Visitor’s shoes.

What will they see that makes them feel “Welcome”? What are they looking for?

Now what would you like to find as a first time visitor?

Here are some ideas.

Welcome Video:

They will surely click on a short “Welcome to Victory Center” Video on the front page, with a three minute presentation.

Content suggestions for video, should be adapted to your local Church situation:

“Welcome Visitor, I am Pastor ‘Joe’, and here is why we are in your neighborhood. Our purpose is to (tell your mission statement in simple speech) to make our community a safer and better place to live. You will find a (nursery, Child care, Children’s Church, Teen Activities, seniors group) that will meet your personal needs as a single or a family. Our Services are open to the public, and visitors are always welcome. We meet on Sunday mornings at 10 AM and evenings at 6PM. There is a time of friendly get together on Wednesday evenings at 7PM where we talk about how to follow Jesus. Come as you are, our arms are open to welcome you.”

  1. Show Easy Driving Directions.
  2. Visitor Parking is for your convenience, near the main front entrance.
  3. We have a covered entrance, to keep you dry when it is raining.
  4. Coffee is served in the foyer 15 minutes before the Service
  5. Community involvement by our church, includes: food pantry, volunteer help to local school events, (how your church helps the neighbors).
  6. Discipleship for new believers can be a tab at the top of your home page. You can have the “Jesus Path” from Network211 for free. Check it out

Keep it short, keep it sweet, and not too much detail.

Meet with your Ushers, and tell them what is on the video, so they can be friendly to visitors.

Talk with your church web designer to fix what you have discovered!

Member’s information should be on other pages of the website.

December is the time we emphasize why Jesus came to be born. You can syndicate content from Global Christian Center with articles about Christmas, for December.

I am here to help you, with answers to your questions about resources for your web site.

Jim Cole-Rous

Director of Content.

You can e-mail questions to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Type 'Syndication Question' in the subject line please.