Director's Choice 2015 September

     Pastor, this is a special time of the year, when you can lead up to the Birth of Christ in your preaching, this quarter, and share what Jesus came toconnect-with-central-hub-1357762-m do for all people.

It is also a time to offer new believers in your congregation solid materials to establish them in their faith. Many people are only attending services twice a week at most these days, but they are using the internet to learn, explore and communicate. You can keep your church relevant to your people by using your ‘web site as a ministry’, more than a ‘Bulletin Board’.

Here are some ideas.

September month offers some great new content for your people.

     If you are not already doing so, give them the opportunity to find solid discipleship teaching on your Church Web Site. Don’t wait for them to come to you with all the crazy content that they found elsewhere. Offer them trusted, bible based courses, right on their home-church web site.

Syndication is the key to displaying new pages with helpful courses for new believers. You can find helpful, trusted content on

     The “Learn How to Follow Jesus”/‘Jesus Path’ button, is visible on the right-hand side bar of our home page. This can be syndicated to your Church site, for new believers to start learning how to walk with Jesus.

     Ministry Church Resources will open a list of teachings on Discipleship, among which is a series of twelve studies on the First Principles of Christ. Here is a link to find the list:

   Under Holy Spirit Studies there is an excellent series on Topical Studies on the Holy Spirit by Dr. George M. Flattery. The link to view these is:

     You can make this available directly to your people, and visitors to your church, by announcing this in your weekly bulletin and from the pulpit.

     All you need to do is decide what you want for your people, and then look for the big “GCC Syndication Button” on the bottom left of the page. Click on it, to learn how to easily have that bible study series, or those teaching articles, flow seamlessly onto your church site.

     When you link to a site, your site visitors are taken away from your own Church site, but when you Syndicate, they see the content on your own web site.  "Think; Don't Link - Syndicate - !"

     Please feel free to contact us at Network211 if you need more help on Syndication. We are here to partner with you to make your work more effective for Jesus. Call Network211 and ask for Syndication technical advice, or ask for the Content director. You can reach us during business hours, Mon-Fri 8:30 – 4:00 Central Time.

Jim Cole-Rous

Director of Content for Network211

Author: ‘God’s Honorable Mentions’

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‘When the Spirit Moves’