Director’s Choice for July 2015

July is both the height of summer, and the depth of winter; at the same time, but in different places!connect-with-central-hub-1357762-m

In the northern hemisphere the younger people are wearing less clothing, and exposing themselves to the sun and water. Down south of the equator they are bundling up, and staying indoors many more hours each day.

What all of them are finding is that in both spheres, attractive temptations nip at their heels, and lure them into doing things that look like ‘fun’ but can be the thin edge of a wedge, which can damage their reputation, and inner character, for life.

This month’s suggestions for syndication, are geared to help you find content, which will offer ways to deal with and overcome temptation.

July month, I point you to ‘Categories’ that you can syndicate.

The secret to this kind of syndication, is that you can set a category to offer your readers a single article, or a list of two or more, from the same category. You can add more than one category to your web site, if you choose to use one on the 'Youth' page, and another in the Ladies', or Men's page.

You can do this once, and sit back and enjoy a cup of ‘Joe’ or a ‘cola’ while the automatic syndication serves the content on your Church web site for you.

When you select a category, you need to select the ‘full text’ option. If you choose more than one article, the content will appear as a list of ‘Titles’ on your web page, and then a reader can click a title, and the article will then appear on that page. This is a great space saver for your content.

To find the category you want, click the ‘Resource’ tab on the top ribbon of Global Christian Center and then click the drop-down menu, to see the categories available in Life Resources. I encourage you to click on these sub-categories to see a list of the articles that can appear in syndication mode on your web site. These articles have been checked for safe content that meets the standards of the NEA.

SUB-CATEGORY   -     UNDER     -                    SUB-CATEGORY  -   UNDER
Self-Improvement            Christian Living         Growing up                Kids
Growing in God                Teens                          Teen Life                   Teens
Self-Improvement            College & Career      Dating                        Singles    
Overcome Temptation    Men                              Life Struggles          Women

If you like a category, simply log in to the Syndication system, and select that sub-category, and the articles you want to appear on that list. You will then be given the ‘code’ to paste into the applicable page on your Church web site, and you are done for the month!
For further help, please e-mail me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Here to serve, In Calvary’s Bonds,
Jim Cole-Rous
Content Director for Network211