Director's Choice January 2015

January 2015

Happy New Year to you!connect-with-central-hub-1357762-m

I came across an article by Matt Starner on Church Web sites. I excerpted these stats for your information.

“LifeWay Research recently conducted a survey about churches and websites. Check out these results:

78% of churches have a website

43% of churches use their website to receive & distribute prayer requests

39% of churches use their website to register people for events

30% of churches use their website to automate church processes

42% of churches with websites update them once a month or less.   

While 78% of churches have a website, only 30-40% of churches are using their websites for anything other than an electronic bulletin board! And what about the 42% that hardly keep their websites up to date?! Come on churches! You can do better!”

A Church Web Site has two different audiences!

Visitors: These are people who want to know what you have for them and their children.

They are looking for a church, and 76% of first time visitors to your church will have already looked at your web site before attending a meeting. If you want to grow your Church, you need to tend your Church Web site constantly. Outdated information will turn them off, and you will never see them walk through the door.

Members: Your members and adherents will be looking for contact information.

What time was that event again? What did I miss in the announcements on Sunday? Who is leading that group I am interested in?

Both Groups will be looking for Content: Content is video and text that will help them find answers to their needs. For Evangelism you can use the safe and trusted content of to present answers to most people’s needs. A simple click or two will syndicate the JourneyAnswers gospel presentations that Network211 is using, to your Church site.

For your Church departments, Men, Women, Youth and Kids, you can syndicate relevant material from GCC’s Resources/Life Resources menu.

Partner with us as you would support a missionary and you can have unlimited syndication for your Church web site. I am constantly adding new articles and media to resources in GCC.

Start the year right, with attention to your site!

In Calvary’s Bonds,

Jim Cole-Rous

Director of Content.