Directors Choice October 2014

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Easy ways to use Network211’s Syndication System.

We are working to simplify your ability to use Syndication.

When you see an article or a series of articles you would like to have on your Church Website there are only a couple of steps you need to take to make this work. If you are not yet a syndication partner, you can join either of two levels of access. You can join the free ‘Starter Pack’ level, or if you need advanced access to more individual articles you can become an ‘Advanced Pack’ partner.

We have developed a simple Discipleship program for New Believers called 'The Jesus Path',  that you can place on your own Church Website. You can explore it on our Global Christian Center web site at the top of the page. It has simple video and articles and then access to the free teachings from Global University.

Here is how you can add the "Jesus Path' category to your Church Website.

First log in to Syndication by scrolling to the bottom of Global Christian Center’s home page and clicking the GCC Content Syndication button at the bottom right. Now enter your user name and password and then click ‘Log In’.

Now return to this Director’s Choice Article and copy the code that will appear in the box here:

Once you have copied the code above

Open your own Website and paste the code into the page you wish it to be seen on, by clicking on the 'Source' or 'HTML' button in your own website editor. Click ‘save’ and log off of both your site and the GCC Syndication page.

You will now see the ‘Jesus Path’ on your web site. Other categories are daily devotions, and you can choose the one you prefer.

Next month I will show you a way to syndicate a single article that you may wish to have on your site for a longer time, particularly if it pertains to a series of sermons you will be preaching over a month of more.

In Calvary’s Bonds,

Jim Cole-Rous

Director of Content for Global Christian Center.

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