Syndication For Community Outreach - 08/2014

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Strengthen Your Community Outreach with Syndication

Your Syndication tool is a way we partner with you, providing you with rich safe and trusted Christian content you can use to extend the ministry of your web site to reach your community as well as your Church members. We are here to help you reach the Lost with the Gospel, and have the videos and Jesus Path for you to put on your web site and have it harvest results for your congregation.

If you have never used Syndication before, please take a moment to read the instructions tab on this page. You can use the basic free tool to add Devotions and Evangelism articles that will automatically update and expand the reach of your Church web ministry. We also offer full selection choices to partnering churches, allowing you  to have a category of articles, e.g. Women's Issues, Kids Games, or Men's Ministries, appear in the relevent  part of your web site. You can schedule a new article to appear once a weeek, and then you do not have to upload an article each week, it will do this automatically!  Amazing? Yes that is Syndication with

You do not have to upload an article each weekNetwork211's Web site, Global Christian Center has a new look, with hundreds of good articles there for you to use.

To access the Syndication please go to the bottom of the home page on to find the familiar ‘Syndication’ button. There is the same log in for you and you can create the syndication code to paste into your Church website for the item you wish to use.

Two ways to use Syndication:

Place a single article on your web site.

Sending and Sent - Missions Perspective by Scott Hassett is a great article helping your people grasp the partnership in missions concept. This article will show on your web site where you paste the code, visible below when you are logged on to our Syndication in Global Christian Center

Have a category of articles that change each week.

You can have a fresh weekly devotion article automatically appear each seven days. David Arnold writes a great weekly devotion for Morning Muse, and I recommend this for your web site.

Copy the code you can see when logged on to our Syndication page in Global Christian Center, and then paste it to your web site, and it will renew without you having to do anything more.

If you have need of articles with a special emphasis, and do not know where to look on our Global Christian Center Syndication data base, please feel free to e-mail us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will be happy to assist.

Joyfully Serving

Jim Cole-Rous

Director of Content for Network211

Author: ‘God’s Honorable Mentions’

‘Rowena’ – The Girl Who Wouldn’t Quit

‘When the Spirit Moves’

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