If All Else Fails...

Robert Strand

toolsinboxMad...this 17-year-old threw his wrench across the garage and rolled out from underneath his '87 Honda Civic! He's given up! He'd been working for hours on his car to change the brake pads. Compounding the problem...he wasn't exactly a great mechanic. FINALLY, mad and exasperated he stomped into the house and announced to his dad that his car had serious problems and had been built wrong and he couldn't fix it!

         THEN, he shouted, "In fact...I don't know if anyone can fix it!"

         Calmly, his dad called a mechanic friend on his cell and asked for help. Then, they went to the library and found the manual and made copies of the pages on how to change the brake pads. And to the dealership and talked with the service manager and discovered they needed a specially made tiny tool that was necessary to complete this job. And back home to the car. It only took them about thirty minutes to complete the job! And he was one happy camper with grease on his hands.

         What's the big difference! First he went to his father! Second he discovered the right instructions. And third...he purchased the right tool for this particular job.

         How about that? A pretty good formula the next time you are frustrated with a life situation when you have tried, but failed because you had been sure you knew how to it!

         So the next decision you are facing, use this formula: GO TO YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER...STUDY YOUR INSTRUCTION MANUAL, THE BIBLE...and USE THE PROPER TOOLS provided by the Holy Spirit! In changing brake pads or life, follow the instructions!

         "Pay attention and listen to the sayings of the wise" (Proverbs 22:17).