Honking Horns

Robert Strand

carkeysThis could have easily happened in your town where you live. It seems this teen driver, a girl at that, was stopped at this light, and when the light changed to green, her car sputtered and stopped! She tried and tried to get it started again. She was embarrassed. But to make it worse...the gentleman, using the term very loosely, immediately behind her insisted in expressing his impatience with her by blowing his horn, loudly, often and with no mercy!

Finally, this brave girl, who is by now completely worn out with his thoughtfulness and a car refusing to start, steps out of her car and walked back to the honker's car with this look on her face. He rolls his window down and she with hands on her hips and a bit of fire in her eyes says, "I am having a bit of a problem in getting my car started. If you will be so kind as to see if YOU can get it started...I will be most happy to sit in your car and honk your horn for you!"

Don't you just love it?! A whole lot of people...in your school, in your town, in your church do a whole lot more honking than helping! Have you noticed...there are always more talkers than workers? More critics than builders? More grippers than encouragers?

Any one who drives a car very much will get honked at! (Did you know that a split second is the time between the traffic light turning green and the car behind you honks!) And anyone who tries to accomplish something of value for others in this world will usually find a horn-honker and a loud horn! By the way...will you be a starter or a honker?

"We also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope" (Romans 5:3-4).