You Said...what?

Robert Strand

This is not going to be a lecture on the evils of a foul mouth! This is a challenge to you. I dare you...just for fun...CAN YOU GO FOR ONE DAY WITHOUT SWEARING OR CUSSING, OR ANY TALK TO DO WITH SEX, VIOLENCE OR GREED OR CUTTING ANOTHER PERSON TO PIECES? Give it a try. I dare you! Why not challenge your best friend to do this with you, for just one day?!

    womanwalkinginrain     And I also will tell might not make it through the first day without being successful. Now, this is an right or wrong on this test. Should you not be able to do're quite normal. But it also may show you how much of what you say is geared to these things that may not produce any happiness in your life.

         So, you may not pass the first day. My challenge to you is go for round number two. Give it a second try and my money will be that you will do much better! You might make a whole day without such comments. If you're not able to complete a 24 hour day...go back for another try.

         You might be successful on the third or fourth or twentieth attempt! When you are successful...observe how much happier your day has been. I believe your spirits will be higher and brighter.

         My purpose in this simple exercise is to get you to see and experience the power of your words. What you will discover is that you will think more about the words you say. This is not perfect...but it's a great habit to live by. So my friend, you may also discover that when you speak peaceful words you will live a more peaceful life!

         "Take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry" (James 1:19).